Cameran: They Had No Business Driving a Golf Cart at 3AM

Cameran: They Had No Business Driving a Golf Cart at 3AM

Cameran dishes on the exciting and eventful group trip to Jekyll Island. On your way to Jekyll Island did you anticipate any group drama on the trip? If so, who did you think the drama would be between?

Cameran Eubanks: Does a bear sh** in the woods? Of course. Did you understand how and why Shep was so frustrated with Craig? Did you also share his frustrations?

CE: We were all fed up with Craig. He was headed down a dark path, and nobody could get through to him. I know Shep cares a lot about Craig deep down, but sometimes men can be amateurish at properly expressing their feelings.

Shep and Craig Just Can't Get Along
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CE: No, I was not surprised. Did you go to bed after dinner because you anticipated that drama would unfold? Did you have any idea it would be between Kathryn and Whitney?

CE: I went to bed because 10pm is my normal bedtime, and if I wanted to watch white people fight, I could just turn on Jerry Springer from the comfort of my own bed. Do you think Kathryn and Craig hooked up on the beach?

CE: No, I do not think they hooked up. I do however think they had no business driving a golf cart at 3am. It's a miracle nobody was hurt.

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