How Did Shep Rose’s Family Create This (Now) AKC-Recognized Dog Breed?

How Did Shep Rose’s Family Create This (Now) AKC-Recognized Dog Breed?

Here's the Southern Charm-er's connection to a spaniel named "Dumpy."

By Kristyn Pomranz

With his affable attitude, laid-back personality, and inherent lovability, Shep Rose is kind of like a puppy personified. And, while his shaggy, dirty blonde locks may feel reminiscent of a Golden Retriever, the Southern Charm bachelor actually has a stronger connection to a brunette breed: the Boykin Spaniel. 

Shep is a descendent of the original Boykin family via his paternal grandmother, he revealed to The Post and Courier. William Boykin II settled in the area in 1755 — and the town of Boykin, South Carolina still exists today (with a tiny population of 200). According to the AKC, the family began breeding dogs to be hunting companions in the lowcountry swamps in the 1900's, after Lemuel Whitaker Boykin was sent a dog named "Dumpy" which was found in a church.

“The brown spaniel turned out to be as skillful on flushing and retrieving wild turkeys as he was at duck hunting,” the AKC site states. “Boykin built a new breeding program around [the dog], utilizing crosses to such breeds as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, and American Water Spaniel.” The Boykin gained full AKC recognition in 2009.

Given the pup’s Palmetto State lineage, South Carolina has since adopted the Boykin Spaniel as its official state dog. But Shep himself has yet to follow suit — for now. “My grandmother had a Boykin and a lot of my relatives in Boykin have Boykins,” Shep told Lowcountry Paws. “I think they’re really cool dogs. I might get one one day.”

If you watched RelationShep, you'll remember that his neighbor Dawn brought over some Boykin puppies to play with him and Peyton in the final episode. Though he didn't find a love match with her, a puppy could be just the trick to finding his no.1.

Consider it, Shep! A dog is a perennially-single-man’s best friend!

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