About the Show

Last summer, Kyle took the ultimate step and finally proposed to Amanda, but living together causes them to butt heads and get on each other’s last nerve. Adding to the stress of the living situation, the wedding planning process is taking its toll, and new problems are brought to light that have them both questioning their relationship. Will wedding bells still be ringing for this couple by the end of the summer?

After numerous fun and flirty summers, Lindsay is more ready than ever to settle down with the man of her dreams but who would have thought that her BFF, Carl would be her knight in shining armor? Will this dynamic duo make it through or will they say goodbye to their friendship forever?

Carl is at a crossroads in his life this summer – he is on the hunt to find the perfect woman to settle down with but also ready to find his true career passion. With so much on his mind will he get on track or spiral out of control?  

Hannah enters the house in a relationship, but as her man drags his feet, she takes charge and soon finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle. Her openness to a new relationship causes a divide among her friendships in the house – however, while her roommates are focused on themselves and their own drama, Hannah stays as confident as ever and is living her best life.

Paige has a very serious, older boyfriend, but as he spends his weekends in New York City instead of the Hamptons, she feels torn between two worlds. Surprisingly, the friendship she has built with Hannah is now in jeopardy. Is she making the right decision by choosing time with her beau over her besties?

Hailing from a Jordanian family who settled in Cincinnati, newcomer Jules comes from a completely different background than her new roommates. As she looks for a new start, an old fling makes an appearance putting her reputation in jeopardy.

Newcomer Luke fits right in with the bros of the house – Kyle and Carl, but it’s the ladies that present the challenge.  After recently breaking up with his ex, this stud turns the summer house upside down as he raises the question of commitment and loyalty with his new summer alliances.