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The Daily Dish Summer House

Lindsay Hubbard Defends Her "Elevated" Engagement Dress

The Summer House OG explains the chic maxi dress that led her castmates to suspect she knew about Carl Radke's proposal. 

By Cynthia Robinson
Your First Look at the Summer House Season 7 Reunion

After Lindsay Hubbard gleefully accepted Carl Radke's proposal in Season 7 Episode 13 of Summer House, Paige DeSorbo had a theory that Lindsay knew the moment was coming, considering her choice of attire. 

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In her confessional, the fashion influencer said, “She wore shoulder pads to the beach. She knew she was getting proposed to! Nobody just shows up in shoulder pads to the ocean. I feel like a bitch for just saying what everyone is thinking in their head. She curled her hair, and as she should! I’m proud of her. Yes, if you know it’s happening, pick out the best possible outfit. Get your nails done. Be prepared!”

Following the airing of the episode, a Bravo fan account shared Paige’s reaction to Lindsay’s engagement look. Lindsay then weighed in with a cheeky comment on the coral-hued bra top with a swirled pattern Paige wore in her confessional: “Love that coconut bra! Is it from Gilligan’s Island?” 

Fast forward to Part 1 of the Season 7 reunion that aired on May 29. Host Andy Cohen not only asked Lindsay and Carl about her knowledge that the proposal was coming, but prompted the cast to give their two cents on the matter.

Let's break down the engagement dress drama: 

Lindsay defends her engagement dress at the reunion

Lindsay Hubbard at the Summer House reunion.

"The proposal was so great," Andy stated at the reunion, "But, I mean, Lindsay, you had the dress on, your eyelashes, your makeup, the whole thing to go to the beach ... you thought you were going where?" 

"A bonfire ...that all of us were going," Lindsay shared. Because Andy remained skeptical that her Ramy Brook cerulean chevron pattern midi dress ($645 — currently sold out) was for "a bonfire," Lindsay went on to explain the thought process behind her look. 

"I went around the whole house and I was like, 'What kind of bonfire are we doing, girls? Are we gonna do jeans and a T-shirt? Are we going like, elevated?' And everyone was like, 'Elevated!'" she explained. "And so I was like, OK, I have one dress that's elevated." 

Carl maintains the proposal was a surprise 

Lindsay Hubbard Carl Radke at the Summer House Season 7 Reunion.

"When she was laying out outfits and leaned toward that blue dress I was like, 'Thank god!' 'cause I was worried about that," Carl shared after Lindsay made clear what went into her outfit choice. 

"Did you think she knew before?" Andy challenged. 

"I thought she knew, but I promise you guys: I did everything in my power to keep this a surprise," Carl insisted. 

The Summer House cast gives their opinions 

Paige DeSorbo at the Summer House Season 7 Reunion.

Andy went on to prompt the Hamptons roomies to "raise [their] hand" if they thought Lindsay knew about the proposal ahead of time, causing Paige, Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, and Mya Allen to all put their hands up. 

Carl's longtime friend, Kyle Cooke, was torn on the issue, raising his hand half way. Kyle's wife, Amanda Batula, and Summer House newbie Gabby Prescod both thought Lindsay was at least a little "suspicious" of the situation, which Amanda noted was "normal." 

Andy then brought up Paige's aforementioned confessional comment about Lindsay's "shoulder pads," saying they were a "tip off" for her. 

"When she asked me if I liked that dress, that was my tip off," Paige said. "Because I've been in the house for five years [and] she's never asked me any fashion-related questions ever." 

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