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The Daily Dish Summer House

Paige Says Sex Toys Were Introduced into Her & Craig’s Relationship “Very Quickly”

Paige DeSorbo divulged some interesting intimate details about Craig Conover while hanging out with the Summer House crew. 

By Cynthia Robinson
Can Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover Defend Each Other?

No conversation is too taboo for the cast of Summer House, and they proved as much on Episode 11 while discussing some bedroom deets. 

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While cozying up together around the bonfire, a friendly quip by Danielle Olivera about wanting newfound lovers Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer to “take a trip to the bone zone” spurned a question from Chris Leoni about first dates. 

“On the first date if a girl just whips out a vibrator, as a guy, would you feel offended?” the Hamptons rookie wondered. 

“If the first time we’re having sex I pull out the vibrator, you should feel really bad about yourself,” Danielle retorted, causing Paige DeSorbo to chime in with a rebuttal. 

“But see, I don’t think that’s true!” she exclaimed, making Danielle wonder if the podcaster brought out the device the first time she and her boyfriend, Craig Conover, got intimate. 

“Yeah, I will say ... toys were introduced very quickly,” Paige revealed, causing castmates Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard to crack up. 

After Ciara Miller hilariously noted that “vibrator culture is here to stay,” Paige came through with another zinger: “I've known that vibrator for longer than most people here!” 

In addition to sharing some intimate relationship details, Paige also recently dished on other aspects of her and Craig’s relationship: how she upped the ante on his skincare regimen

During an April 6 interview with New Beauty, the style maven noted how her beau’s beauty routine was essentially nonexistent before she entered the picture.

“I pick my battles for sure,” she said about her influence on the Southern Charm-er’s daily routine. “He was such a boy in that he didn’t understand how every girl is coming home and washing their face in the sink without just fully getting in the shower — he doesn’t know how we do it.”

Paige also said that while the Sewing Down South founder was initially opposed to washing his face at the sink, she gave him a few pointers on how to cleanse without dealing with water dripping all over. 

“I taught him how to wash his face, and that’s really all I can ask for, and he uses a moisturizer — anything else is like pulling teeth,” she said.

Paige also told New Beauty how she prefers her boyfriend’s regimen to be quick and easy. 

“I also don’t want him to have a skincare routine, because I feel like men get better with age and that’s frustrating for me,” she explained. “So I like that he doesn’t have one. I don’t need him aging better than I do.”

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