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Tom Colicchio's Wife Had the Best Response to Top Chef's Many Emmy Nominations

The Bravo's Top Chef judge opens up about being nominated with Padma Lakshmi.

By Jocelyn Vena
Tom Colocchio Top Chef Emmy Nom

Another year, more Emmy love and recognition for Bravo's Top Chef. The series is nominated for four 2020 Emmy Awards, including one for Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi, who have been nominated together in the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program for their work as co-hosts.

How to Watch

Watch the Top Chef Season 21 premiere on Wednesday, March 20 at 9/8c on Bravo and next day on Peacock.

Top Chef's four 2020 nominations for Season 17 also include Outstanding Competition Program, Outstanding Directing for a Reality Program, and Outstanding Picture Editing For A Structured Reality Or Competition Program.

Tom spoke to The Daily Dish in a phone interview last week about the nods, and revealed how his wife, Lori Silverbush, reacted to the big news.

"It’s funny I woke up in the morning, I completely forgot that the announcement was happening. And all of a sudden I started seeing my messages started lighting up... I think the first person I told was my wife and she was like, 'Yeah, I saw it. I was like, great," he said, with a laugh. "Listen, it’s always great to be nominated. It’s just kind of bittersweet knowing there’s no Emmys this year. We can’t go. So we’re gonna have to do the virtual Emmys and it’s probably a little more comfortable not having to get dressed and walk on a red carpet, in what usually is 100-degree heat. It’ll be a little more comfortable. Maybe I’ll put a little red carpet in my house so when I walk down and sit down and watch it like, I don’t know [laughs]. And the great thing is we can actually eat. You don’t have to sit there and starve for four hours or what feels like four hours. So, it’ll be good."

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After 17 seasons, Tom admits that making the show isn't the set formula despite years of practice. "Well, it is and it isn’t. Yes, it is a well-oiled machine. But, the beauty of it is that we don’t ever sort of take it for granted and say 'well that’s the way we do the show,'" he said.

This season was definitely an experience: it was an All-Stars season that included the first time the show has traveled to Europe (Italy, to be exact) for the finale.

"Every season we’re changing things, we’re doing something different. And a lot of it happens organically. It's these situations and we’ll just kind of say, 'All right, let’s get the cameras roll on it' and all of a sudden, we change what we do. And that’s what is great about the team is that they’re open to changes. It’s not that yes, it’s a well-oiled machine and this is how we do it and that’s it and there’s no move. And I think that’s why the show always feels fresh and new and different," he noted.

And while the Emmy voters tune in every year, that doesn't mean that Tom's three sons, Dante, Mateo, and Luka, do.

"No, they don’t. It’s funny. I put it on for my kids and they’re like, 'Yeah, whatever.' But then recently it seems they found on their own, they found Nailed It. And I think that’s hysterical," he said, laughing. "I mean I don’t watch it really at home. If I’m home when it airs sometimes I’ll watch it and live tweet it. But I don’t watch it. I know who wins. Occasionally I’ll watch it. I mean we watch more news than anything else."

He noted that it might also be strange for his kids to have a dad on television.

"My kids don’t typically watch it. And the other thing too is I don’t push my kids to watch myself on TV. And quite frankly, I think it’s sometimes odd for them that their dad’s on TV," he said. "So, it’s a little weird that Dad’s on TV and some of their friends in school know that. I think it’s a little strange for them."

While fans will have to wait until September 20 to find out if Top Chef and the hosts should go home with any trophies, you can relive Melissa King's Season 17 win, below.

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