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The Daily Dish Manzo'd With Children

You Can Now Look as Amazing as Albie Manzo Thanks to His New Food Business

The #Manzod son wants to pump you up with his new healthy meal delivery service.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Albie Manzo Discusses His New Workout Philosophy

Albie Manzo has wowed us with his new killer bod this season of Manzo'd with Children. That's a result of both hitting the gym and sticking to a diet devised by his trainer, Rodrick Covington of Core Rhythm Fitness. Now Albie is sharing his healthy eating secrets with the world with a new business venture, Core Rhythm Fitness Meals.

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With Rodrick's expertise, CRF Meals provides healthy, fresh, and restaurant-quality prepared meals delivered to your door, complementing Core Rhythm Fitness' training regimen and helping you achieve the results you desire. You can order these delish-looking meals — which include grilled chicken fajitas, Cajun mahi mahi, and omelettes — online through now. "The meal preps are ready. All you have to do is heat them up. It’s perfect for people that are dieting or health-conscious and are working in a corporate environment where it’s really tough and your options are limited," Albie told The Daily Dish. "I love it." 

Albie said these meals are perfect for those who, like him, are constantly looking for healthy meals to eat on-the-go. "For me, this prep is huge because I work at a lot of different places. I’m with a client in New York City and then I have to go to another client in South Jersey or I need to head home. Whatever it is, it’s very, very rare that I’m in the same place all day long. To be able to bring my lunch, my dinner, or whatever it is with me and know it’s part of the CRF diet so I’m not going off-track and it also tastes amazing, that’s a huge thing," he explained. "I’ve spent days in my car eating carrot sticks because I didn’t know what else to do. You know what I mean? That’s real. That, to me, is the biggest thing." 

The Manzo'd entrepreneur also said that consumers will appreciate the affordability of each meal (they cost $11.99 each) and that they can be purchased à la carte. His mom, Caroline Manzo, who has been on a fitness kick of her own recently, has also been seeing results with CRF Meals, losing 25 pounds so far, she revealed on Twitter Sunday. "We got Mom some meals and she’s working with Rodrick, too," he said. "She’s just been doing the diet and going in that direction with it, so I’m really anxious to get her feedback because this is really who it’s designed for."


We actually saw the birth of this idea during one of Albie's training sessions with Rodrick this season of Manzo'd with Children. Things came full circle for Albie when he and Rodrick sealed a deal with the New Jersey-based meal delivery service Eat Clean Bro to bring CRF Meals to life in the Manzo'd season finale Sunday night. "They’re incredible," Albie said of working with Eat Clean Bro on his latest business venture. "One thing that people have to remember also is that I grew up in food. I know this world. I know what it takes to really be functioning at a high level, and they are so incredible at this. I really believe they’re the best at what they do, so I’m anxious to see where this goes and work closer with them on a number of things." 

Albie said Eat Clean Bro has been particularly helpful in crafting healthy meals that are also tasty, which is not always an easy combination to achieve. "They’re doing a lot of crazy, crazy stuff as far as the marinades that come into play and the taste profiles that they use were nuts," he said. "You have to make it kind of exciting. I don’t want to be bored. It shouldn’t have to feel like a punishment. I don’t want to feel like I’m in jail for an X amount of weeks while I’m just trying to put myself in the most healthy position possible. We’re trying to make it healthy and fun, and they’ve done an awesome job at that."

CRF Meals may have just launched, but Albie is already thinking about the future of the company. "I think what we’ll see is extending the menu and expanding the delivery zone," he said. "We’re in New York and New Jersey right now as we launch, and then we’d try to find a way to expand this to the rest of the country. I think that’s the direction we’ll go."  

This business is also very personal for Albie, since he said he has changed for the better after adopting this new health and fitness routine. "I’m genuinely a much happier person now than I was last year. I think that has a lot to do with just having Rodrick and his team in my life. My main goal was really about taking that energy and bringing it to other people," he said. "I really, really hope that this is a big step in that direction because eating was such a challenging part of that." 

See Albie's incredible body transformation for yourself, below.

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