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Kyle and Mauricio's Daughter Alexia Reveals How She Learned About Her Parents' Split

Alexia Umansky, daughter of RHOBH's Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky, said she noticed a few clues that her parents had drifted apart.

By Joshua Espinoza
Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky's Relationship Timeline

Alexia Umansky said she learned about her parents’ separation like most of us did: through the news.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills daughter shared the information about nine months after Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky announced their split via Instagram. The longtime couple released a joint statement while facing another round of divorce whispers that were propagated through the media. Although they insisted that legal separation had not been discussed, Kyle and Mauricio felt it was necessary to clarify their status and shut down swirling rumors.

"Any claims regarding us divorcing are untrue," the July 3, 2023, message read. "However, yes, we have had a rough year. The most challenging one of our marriage. But we both love and respect each other tremendously. There has been no wrongdoing on anyone's part."

Alexia said the situation seemed unfair, as she and her sisters caught wind of the split from an online article.

“The news of my parents’ separation came out before we had ever talked about it as a family,” she said in the April 11 episode of the Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad podcast. “And then the cameras for Buying Beverly Hills were coming the very next day."

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Alexia recalls her family's first conversation about Kyle and Mauricio's split

Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richards, and Alexia Umansky at the Agency's "Buying Beverly Hills" premiere party

Alexia admitted her family had a habit of ignoring their problems and never discussed the divorce rumors with one another; however, that all changed last July after People magazine dropped an exclusive report about Kyle and Mauricio's separation.

“We just kind of had a moment; we were like, ‘We need to start talking,’” she explained. “And the cameras were gonna be there anyway, so we just leaned in. And that was in July (2023), so a lot has changed since then, but now we talk about everything.”

Alexia said she and her family had four major discussions about the split, two of which were captured on camera. The first included Kyle, Mauricio, as well as Alexia’s little sisters, Sophia, and Portia Umansky. Kyle’s oldest daughter, Farrah Brittany, whom she shares with an ex-husband, was not there for the initial sitdown.

Alexia said she felt "out of the loop" when it came to her parents' relationship

“So the next day when the cameras came, Farrah came and that was the first full conversation as a family we had,” Alexia said. “That was as real as it gets, and as honest and open as it gets, which is so crazy… You can definitely tell we were very frustrated at that point ‘cause we hadn’t had more conversations.”

She recalled telling her dad they needed to improve their communication because she and her sisters felt “out of the loop” and were “learning things from TMZ.”

“It doesn’t feel fair,” she continued. “So, you know, it was just something that’s new for us, honestly.”

Did Alexia notice any signs of Kyle and Mauricio's separation?

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky smile together in formalwear.

But the split didn't catch Alexia completely off guard. She said she noticed her parents' relationship was "not the same" well before the People report came out.

“Our parents never fight and it’s still a very healthy household, still very full of so much love,” she said. “But you know, they were both traveling a lot more and not being as affectionate with each other as much. And their schedules were just so opposite. I could tell that they weren’t each other’s priority anymore and they were just changing.”

Alexia said her mom was locked in “health mode” and was on a sober journey, while her dad was busy building his real estate empire, which involved attending parties and networking events. Alexia acknowledged that it was common for couples to eventually drift apart but that didn't erase the love that was shared.

“Twenty-seven years together is — it’s a win no matter what,” she said about her parents' marriage. “And who knows still what’s really gonna happen. They’re still separated. I don’t know if the D word’s gonna happen or what. Not sure where it’s gonna go at this moment.”

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