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Andy Cohen Just Revealed His Insecurity (and His Go-To Fast Food Order)

The #WWHL host shared some lesser-known facts about himself on Michael Ian Black's How to Be Amazing podcast.

By Jocelyn Vena
The Last Thing: Andy Cohen

Think you know all there is to know about Andy Cohen? You'd better think again. The Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host recently chatted with Michael Ian Black on his podcast, How to Be Amazing, and it was on the show that Andy dished out some more info about himself and his life. As you can hear below, no topic was off limits. We mean none at all. Including which Bravo shows make him cry.

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1. He Sometimes Feels Self Conscious... About His *Wandering Eye*

The Root of the Wonky Eyes

"I did at first. When I wound up getting on air, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is so harsh. I'm horribly deformed. I called my mom. I was like, 'I'm deformed.' And she was like, 'You do not have a wandering eye.' And I go, 'No, I do. I promise you people are telling me across the country.'"

He continued, "I was always pretty vain, but I think it's weird there's a [TV] monitor right under my camera and so I do have these moments where I will think, 'Oh my God, you look really carb faced lately,' like carbohydrates. It has made me more vain. I think it's really hard not to, but ultimately on a scale of disastrous people that I've come in contact with, I give myself props that I have not become a complete nightmare or disaster. And I think I'm pretty nice to my staff still and stuff like that."

2. Becoming Bravo Andy Almost Didn't Happen

My first reunion: OC, Season 2! Season 11 reunion concludes tonight!

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

In between the demise of the short-lived cable network Trio (where he was working as vice president of original programming) and his life at Bravo, Andy was looking for another gig and he really wanted to work somewhere else all together. "I wanted to go work at Logo which was the gay channel that Viacom was starting. And I interviewed for the job. I thought, 'There's no one gayer than me, so how can they not give this job to me?' And anyway, I didn't get the job as head of programming at that gay channel, which I couldn't get over at the time. And I kind of still can't, but you know had I gotten that job, I wouldn't be Bravo Andy and I may not be amazing."

3. His Parents Knew He Was Gay from an Early Age

"You know what? When you go to your dad's tennis club with him and you're in the locker room and you're looking at the dudes in jock straps and you're having funny thoughts and you're like 8, then you kind of [know]. I just knew and I had Diana Ross posters up in my room; it was pretty obvious," he said. "My mom knew. She said there were a few times I was in the musical Carousel in high school and I came out in a tank top and she said, 'When you came out mincing in Carousel I knew. And then she found I believe the periodical was called Honcho, which was a porn magazine under my bed in ninth grade. So, yeah, that would be a clue."

4. Andy Is OK with Being a Lone Wolf

Welcome back to NYC!

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

"I've always loved being alone. I used to travel alone and when I moved to New York and it was before Grindr and any kind of internet... I used to like going to gay bars alone. And you would run into people just in the community that you knew. Since I became well-known, I wouldn't go to a gay bar alone now because it's just weird. People are like, 'Oh, that's just weird. Andy Cohen is at this bar alone.' So I wouldn't do that now. I like being alone. I'm a little more self conscious about traveling alone now too." (Thankfully he does always have his BFF, Wacha, to keep him company.)

5. He's Also Totally Cool with Shedding a Tear

Jax Feels Pressure From Brittany's Mom to Get Married

"I love to cry at movies and books. I like to weep. I will weep at a Housewives episode without problem," he said, before revealing which other Bravo show makes him cry. "Oh God! I did cry at an episode of Vanderpump Rules a couple weeks ago."

6. Andy LOVES Oprah... A LOT (Just Like the Rest of Us)

"I love old vintage episodes of Oprah," he shared. "I will go into a YouTube hole like without any provocation."

7. He's Got a Lowbrow Taste in Food

Perusing a Happy Meal in 1986 #YouDeserveABreakToday #FBF

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

"I love a McDonald's cheeseburger," Andy revealed. FYI: He orders the two cheeseburger value meal with super-sized fries with a medium Diet Coke.

Check out the full interview, below.

As it turns out, they taped the interview at Andy's swanky NYC pad. Below, he spills some secrets about his home.

Andy Cohen Reveals Secrets About His New Apartment
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