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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Georgia Says She "Stopped Talking" to Paget and Ciara "for a Little Bit" After the Charter Season

Georgia Grobler and Ciara Duggan open up about their friendship following the charter season.

By Laura Rosenfeld

If anyone had a problem with Paget Berry and Georgia Grobler's flirtatious interactions this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, it definitely wasn't Ciara Duggan. The Parsifal III deckhand has said on multiple occasions that she isn't bothered by how her boyfriend got along with the third stew during the charter season — now she just wishes people would stop asking her about it.

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"Yeah, no, I wish people would stop asking if I'm bothered by Georgia and Paget," Ciara said during an interview in our new video series, The Final Word, which you can view, above. "Obviously, Paget and I are still together, and obviously, Georgia and I are still friends, so if I was that bothered, we wouldn't be in the same situation that we are right now."

Georgia also shared in The Final Word (clip below) that she and Ciara were actually able to form "a very good friendship," and they "gradually grew very, very close by the end of" the charter season despite her expressing feelings for Paget. "I think it took a lot of strength of character from the both of us. After the season wrapped, Parsifal, [Captain Glenn Shephard] hired me back, and I finished the season with them. And off-camera, my behavior didn't change," Georgia explained. "I wasn't suddenly trying to go for Ciara's man. Ciara and I carried on being trusting and relaxed and everything. Paget kept on being Paget, and I think us knowing that we all still had respect for each other and we weren't just being on best behavior for camera, I think that solidified a connection."

Georgia Grobler Says She "Stopped Talking" to Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan "for a Little Bit"

However, Georgia said that she felt like she needed a break from communicating with the couple after working with them aboard the Parsifal III. "I had to take a bit of a moment. I think I stopped talking to Paget and Ciara for a little bit just after I went back to the boat just because I needed to not have this constant thing in my head," she said. "I just needed to let my wounds heal instead of confronting myself with my sad, little situation all the time. So I have distanced myself a bit just out of empathy for myself."

Paget shared during the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: @ Home on June 1 that he did apologize for his behavior this season, although Ciara said she wasn't necessarily looking for that. "I didn't really feel like he had anything to apologize for. He didn't do anything; he was being himself, and Georgia took it a different way," Ciara said during The Final Word. "He's got a lot of really harsh comments and replies to things, basically telling him what a s----y person he is. He doesn't deserve me, he should treat me better, blah, blah, blah, I should leave him. I think all of that kind of gets to him sometimes."

Ciara admitted that she "cringed a few times" while watching some of Paget's actions this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. "It's not like I was annoyed or just angry or anything like that," Ciara said. "It was more like, ugh, god, Paget, why would you say that knowing you're gonna be a on TV? It's kind of like, how dumb can you be, was more my reaction to a lot of things [laughs]."

Andy Cohen read a fan question during the reunion that asked Paget if he would have "gone after Georgia full force" if he were single this season. "I probably would have not," Paget replied. "For me, in a workplace, if you're working, you're single, the flirt's all good, but I don't think I would have started a relationship while working."

Ciara reacted to Paget's response by saying that she didn't know if she believed her boyfriend. "I kind of feel like he's trying to keep himself from being slapped right now," she said with a laugh.

While speaking about that reunion moment during The Final Word, Ciara said that she does think Paget was being truthful with his answer. "No, I honestly don't think he would go for Georgia. She's not his type [laughs]," Ciara said. "Georgia didn't belong in our relationship anywhere. She never stepped into it, she never crossed any lines, what do I have to be upset about? Sure, a lot of people like Paget. He's good-looking, he's charming, he's funny. I'm not surprised, and I'm not upset by it."

Georgia also said that she believes Paget. "I think it's Paget more trying to convey, 'Georgia, I'm not rejecting you because you're s--t; I'm rejecting you because I'm happy, and it's just not an option,'" she said in The Final Word.

But would things have been different for Georgia had Paget been single this season?  "I mean, evidently, my dear Watson," Georgia said. "We've all listened to my interviews, haven't we? We would never have gone like Jenna [MacGillivray]-Adam [Glick]. It would have been a very slow rise thing, whatever it was."

See what else Paget, Ciara, and Georgia had to say about this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht during the reunion, below.

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