Below Deck Sailing Season 1 Headshot Jenna Macgillivray

Jenna MacGillivray

Chief Stewardess

Originally from Canada, Jenna wasn’t planning a career in yachting, but once she was bitten by the travel bug, she couldn’t turn away from the lifestyle it provided. She hopped aboard her first yacht in 2004 and worked her way up over the years to Chief Stewardess. She took a brief break and headed ashore to work as a social worker, but quickly missed the yachtie life and returned back to sea. She is a hard-working Chief Stew with an eye for detail and taste for perfection. From her tablescapes to the way she manages her crew, nothing is left unfinished when she is in charge. She doesn’t like to be challenged and holds her team to her high standards. If someone isn’t performing to her level, Jenna is not a coddler, and will be quick to tell him them what they are doing wrong. But when the work is done and the charter guests are gone, this girl boss does have a sarcastic sense of humor and is always ready to party.