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Go Inside Barbie's Dramatic Exit & Breakup with Kyle: "the Biggest Disappointment of Them All"

On the Below Deck Season 11 finale, Barbie Pascual made some serious decisions about her job and love life.

By Shannon Raphael

Not all is fair in love and yachting — just ask Below Deck's Barbara "Barbie" Pascual and Kyle Stillie.

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The stew and the deckhand embarked on a star-crossed boatmance on Season 11, and the pair exchanged "I love you's" as the charter season wound down.

Unfortunately, things changed during the finale (aka Season 11, Episode 17), when Kyle and Barbie got into a disagreement during the last crew night out.

Barbie and Kyle make plans for the post-charter season

Before things soured between them, Barbie and Kyle spoke separately about their bond. 

"I have been changing for Kyle, and it feels good," Barbie said in an interview on the episode, as Kyle made plans to travel with her after the charter season.

During a Facetime call with his mom, Kyle admitted that he had fallen in love with the Argentinian. 

"In all seriousness, I actually think I fell in love, it's really f-cked up," Kyle told his mom on the call. He elaborated on his feelings in his own interview, saying, "I've not brought many girls home to meet my mother. My relationships don't tend to last. I think I see a future with her. I think I am in love with Barbie."

Their bliss didn't last long, though.

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During the final crew dinner out, Barbie grew frustrated with Kyle when he decided to disrobe to jump into the water. Afterwards, the pair spoke about their issues. 

"I am literally falling in love with you and you are worth it to me," Barbie said. 

"I am in the wrong, I am in the wrong," Kyle responded. "I'm trying my heart out here, and I'm sorry I'm being such an idiot. I am being an idiot. I've not felt like this in a long time, and you know that."

"I love you," Barbie said, and Kyle responded, "I love you too, mate."

Split of Kyle Stillie and Barbie Pascual doing interview clips in their yachtie uniforms for below Deck

Why did Barbie Pascual break up with Kyle Stillie?

After admitting that they were in love with one another, things quickly soured between Kyle and Barbie on the Season 11 finale. 

In the van on the way back to St. David, stew Xandi Olivier told Barbie that she would have fired her had she been the chief stew.

The comment irritated Barbie, who didn't appreciate Xandi for being quite so candid. Barbie fired back at Xandi and fellow interior team members Fraser Olender and Paris Field, and she also got upset at Kyle for not defending her. 

"You need to relax a little bit," Kyle said while the two sat side-by-side in the car.

"And if you don't start backing me..." Barbie said in response.

"I'm back in your corner, but I'm telling you, you need to shut the f-ck up," he continued. "Like, that's me back in your corner." 

"You're supposed to be the person on my team," she said once the crew got back to the boat. "All you did is back other people now. Get the f-ck away from me, leave me alone. "

She referred to Kyle as "backstabbing," before she decided to leave the boat a night early.

"This is the worst thing that could have happened," Kyle admitted. 

"You guys wanted to drive me batsh-t crazy?" Barbie said in her cabin as she packed her bags. "You win! Everybody wins... and I quit. I f-cking quit."

"I'm gonna go straight to a five-star resort," Barbie added, and she did leave the boat in a car for the night. 

In case it wasn't already clear, her boatmance with Kyle had come to an end. 

"Me and Kyle are freaking done," she said. "I'm never gonna be with somebody who doesn't have my back, and now, to have this guy I broke down every wall with, and to have this guy I went against my family with, to have this guy sit next to me and let these other people attack me is just — Kyle is the biggest disappointment of them all. I never want to see Kyle again." 

Did Barbie Pascual quit Below Deck?

Barbie may have left the yacht early, but she doesn't consider it actually quitting. 

"This is not me quitting, because my job's done," she clarified in an interview on the episode. "All I've done this whole season is put my ego aside and work on myself. And to have these people continuously continue to be against me just sucks. Nobody here cares about me."

Kyle Stillie and Barbie Pascual reflect on the end of their relationship

The morning after Barbie left the boat, Kyle read the text he received from Barbie out loud to Bosun Ben Willoughby.

"'Change your f-cking flight, I never want to see you again,'" Kyle read out loud. "Put my heart on the table..." 

In an interview, Kyle admitted that he was "gutted" by what happened with Barbie.

Though Barbie didn't pop back up on the episode, she did tell Captain Kerry Titheradge what went down over the phone.

"You know, I'm just disappointed that this all went down like this," she said. "I'm done, you know? I don't need to be on a yacht where people are attacking me. I need to work on myself, but I also need to work on myself with people that care about me, not with people that don't."

In an interview, Kerry acknowledged that Barbie had been struggling to fit in during her time on St. David.

"I feel for her, because she tried," he added.

Are Barbie Pascual and Kyle Stillie still together today?

When Barbie appeared on the May 13 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she confirmed that she did not get back together with Kyle.

"No," she responded when asked if the two were still romantically involved.

She also shared that she's in a relationship with someone else. 

"I have a boyfriend," she revealed. "Super in love, actually."

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