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The Daily Dish Below Deck

Are Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams Still Together?

The #BelowDeck yachties open up about their current relationship status.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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This season of Below Deck brought Chef Ben Robinson and stewardess Emily Warburton-Adams together. Though these Brits seemed to have the loveliest chemistry whenever they were onscreen together, it was unclear how their relationship would fare on land. For every heartwarming moment (those flowers!), there was an equally heartbreaking one (Emily questioning if Ben still had feelings for Kate Chastain during the crew's last night out). 

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But no matter what happened during the course of this season of Below Deck, Ben and Emily pledged to give their love another chance by the end. So did the couple sink or swim after the charter season ended? "We are very much girlfriend and boyfriend," Ben confirmed to The Daily Dish during a phone call with the couple Tuesday.  

Emily added, "It's a lot of fun. We really do enjoy our time together." 

And it sounds like they're getting on swimmingly these days. "We really like hanging out together. We have a lot of similar interests, similar humor, similar background," Ben said. "Emily kind of keeps me in check, but I also have the fun, sort of adventurous side that she likes as well. So it's really compatible." 


Emily said the moment she realized she had feelings for Ben this season was when he surprised her with flowers on Valentine's Day and subsequently got to know him better on their first date. Ben got the feeling just by working alongside Emily on the Valor. "Emily was very inquisitive, and she had a lot of questions for me. I just found it really fun, our sort of galley banter," he explained. "It just kind of made sense for us to test the water. I guess we mutually decided that it was a pretty good thing, and here we are now." 

Of course, Ben and Emily's interactions at work also came under fire this season of Below Deck as Kate increasingly found them to be distracted by their romance. But Ben and Emily disagree. "The funny thing is Emily and I are the hardest workers on the boat by far, and we worked grueling days. Emily took more responsibility in the interior than I've ever seen a second stew. I, to be honest, think the boat would probably have failed without her," he said. "And I think that everyone knows that I work incredibly hard and take it incredibly serious, so no, I don't really think that it did get in the way of our work because we were too busy for it to get in the way of our work." 

Emily also said she recognized the shift from Kate wanting them to get together at the beginning to seeming to find their relationship to be a nuisance toward the end of the season. "I very much noted that. From the beginning, I was very hesitant about going into it because I knew it could affect my relationship with Kate and how she could turn on me, even though she was on board at the beginning," Emily said. "It was always going to create a tricky dynamic."

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But Ben commended Emily for taking a chance on him, even if it could have put her job in jeopardy. "I think we all have to take our hats off to Emily for firstly, having the courage to make a romantic go of our thing and being able to stand up to Kate at the same time, who is obviously a veteran and her superior and definitely tends to have these wilder, unfounded mood swings or opinion changes," he said. 

Ben and Emily aren't the first crew members to ever strike up a romance on Below Deck, nor will they probably be the last. However, they seem to have had more success in the romance department than other Below Deck couples. "I think we were compatible, and we gave each other room to acknowledge what we wanted from each other and from the relationship," Emily said of why she thinks they're still going strong after this charter season. "And I've been in-and-out of the States since the show, and we've just grown closer." 

The age difference between these two doesn't seem to have had an impact on their relationship, either. "Although Emily is younger, she's actually quite ahead of her years in maturity, and I'm just an old bugger," Ben said. "So I think we probably have the same mental age, or actually she might be a little bit ahead of me, to be honest [laughs]. So we were both very respectful. And Emily's a very independent woman, and I feel like she might lean a little bit more towards a less needy partner, and I think that sort of dissipates with age. I'm not a needy kind of guy, and I really respect Emily's independence, and I really want her to achieve."


But every relationship has its naysayers, and "Bemily" is no exception. Kate and Captain Lee Rosbach weren't so optimistic about Ben and Emily's future when The Daily Dish caught up with them in November. "Honestly, we don't care. We don't really care what they think of our relationship. In fact, I don't really think it's any of their business, to be honest," Ben responded to their comments. "I'm not sitting here saying that they even need to keep their opinions to themselves. I'm just warning them that they could be ignored on the other end."

As they say, "the best revenge is success," and Ben and Emily are not only thriving in their personal lives together but also professionally. Since this season of Below Deck, the two have been working together on private events with Ben cooking for clients and Emily hosting, serving, and helping with prep. When The Daily Dish caught up with Ben and Emily, they had just done an event in Oklahoma and were getting ready to hold others in Texas, California, Florida, and Vermont. 

They're also developing other projects together and independently. "We're happy. We have a pretty privileged situation going on. We're just rolling with it, doing a lot of traveling. We're working, trying to make money," Ben said. "It's all good." 

When they're not making their way around the country, Ben and Emily have been living together in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. "We have a pretty cool place on the water there. It just suits her lifestyle, and I'm very comfortable there," Ben gushed. "It's good times. We have a really good life. We're very blessed." 

But if you see a ring on Emily's finger in photos on Instagram, such as in the pic below, don't get too excited. "It's not an engagement ring. I'd expect something a little bit nicer if it was an engagement ring [laughs]," Emily said. "But, no, we're not at that stage yet."


Ben chimed in to say, "It's a little early for that." But Ben isn't ruling out the possibility of him and Emily tying the knot in the future. "We've spoken about it," Ben said of the couple getting engaged one day. "Statistically, we should probably be with each other a little longer than jumping into anything too crazy right now. But definitely could be, I feel like." 

So if Ben ever found himself working on a yacht again in the future, he said that it's not a desire but a necessity to have Emily onboard with him. "Bloody hell, I think I'd have to have Emily with me," he said. "Someone needs to protect me. I don't think all the knives are sufficient on the boat [laughs]." 

Emily agreed. "Completely. If I was to go back onboard, I'd have to have Ben with me," she said. "But who knows? We'll see where things take us."

Consider our hearts officially warmed. 

Relive the moment Ben and Emily became "Bemily," below.

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