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Aesha Scott Doesn't Want Her Boyfriend to Watch Her on Below Deck Med with Jack Stirrup

The Below Deck Down Under chief stew looks back on her past boatmance and reveals what's next for her relationship with Scott Dobson.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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When we first met Aesha Scott back in Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean, she was the bubbly stew who quickly struck up a romance with deckhand Jack Stirrup. But things are a little different as Aesha returns to these shores in the new Peacock original series Below Deck Down Under.

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Not only is Aesha now running things in the interior as M/Y Thalassa's chief stew, but she also came into this season in a happy, committed relationship with boyfriend Scott Dobson. "We actually went to high school together. Scott was this super athletic hottie," Aesha shared in an interview in the second episode of this season of Below Deck Down Under. "Then fast-forward 10 years, he saw that I was spending a lot of time in the States, and so he reached out. And it was just, like, fireworks. He's just such a good man."

Aesha and Scott are still going strong these days, and the Below Deck Down Under chief stew couldn't help but gush about her beau during an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider earlier this month. "I’m very lucky. But honestly, the relationship is just going so, so well. It’s been so exciting lately because we have been together two years now, and this is the first time that he’s come back to New Zealand when I’ve come back," she shared. "And we’re obviously from the same town. So this trip home has been the first time in this long where, you know, he’s met my parents, I met his parents. We’re meeting each other’s friends and family. And we’re only just doing all the meet and greets now. So it’s a really exciting time."

Aesha said that she and Scott have talked about what's next for them, including marriage and starting a family, but all of that will be in the future. "We’re really just trying to focus on, like, me and my career. And there’s just so many fun things going on and so many opportunities popping up. And we’re just in such a happy place that, you know, even with getting engaged, I was like, there’s no rush. Like, we know we’re gonna be together our whole lives," Aesha explained. "Each to their own in their relationships, but I think so many people get together and everyone gets so excited for the next stage that they kind of rush through it. And then before you know it, they’re married and all the kind of phases are done. Whereas I kind of, because I am so excited for them, I almost want to spread them out so I’ve always got, like, some sort of thing to look forward to."

Now, as Aesha embarks on a brand-new adventure in Below Deck Down Under, she said that her boyfriend is fully supportive. The fact that he also works in the service industry as the manager of a bar comes in "really handy," according to Aesha, because "when we vent to each other about work things, we both understand it." "But he’s never been in yachting, and so this is actually really cool for me for him to watch [Below Deck Down Under] because you can explain to someone until you’re black and blue what yachting is and what it’s like, but no one really gets it. They say that they do, but they don’t. And so, that’s one thing that I love about the show is it’s a chance to finally show people what we actually do."

So, Aesha said that she and Scott will "100 percent" be watching this season of Below Deck Down Under together. "We’ve already watched the first couple [episodes] together. And it’s so funny, he’s already hooked," she said. "He’s like, 'Can we watch another one? Can we watch another one?'"

But some of Aesha's past episodes of Below Deck Med may not make their watch list. "With the other seasons, you know, I was with Jack and whatever. So, fair enough, [Scott] hasn’t watched those [laughs], and I don’t want him to watch them," Aesha said. "And so, it’s just nice with this season 'cause now he can finally see what it is that I’ve been doing for all these years."

And now Scott will be able to see Aesha grow into her new leadership role this season of Below Deck Down Under — or, as she says on the show, "I’m the chief stew now, bitches!" "It’s just so, so exciting because I think, you know, I’d been second [stew] for a long time, and it was just one of those roles that I felt so comfortable in. I’m one of those people in life where it’s like, if you’re too comfortable, then you need to change because you should always be growing and always challenging yourself," Aesha said. "And so, to be able to come back and be chief stew, which, like, I knew that I was capable of, it was just so exciting, such a cool challenge for me. And just such a nice, nice chance for me to prove to everyone that I could do it."

Though Aesha had worked as a chief stew in temp roles before, Below Deck Down Under was the first time she had been the head of the interior for an entire season. "It is such a hard job. Like, the pressure was on. There’s just so much going on in your mind all the bloody time. You kind of, like, realize when you’re doing a whole season how much is on your shoulders. But it’s also a great challenge and you learn so much, and I was so lucky that I had, you know, an amazing second [stew Tumi Mhlongo] to support me. And I had [Captain Jason Chambers], who was so supportive. And, yeah, it was just, like, a really cool experience," Aesha said. "And just Below Deck in general is, like, the best, most fun thing that I’ve ever done. So to be able to come back and do all of that again and see the team and the production crew, it really felt so surreal."

In addition to all of her years in yachting, Aesha came into the Thalassa crew with so much experience in the world of Below Deck as the only yachtie that has appeared in the franchise before. And even though her boatmance with Jack didn't work out, Aesha said that she didn't warn her crew mates against pursuing romantic relationships of their own this season. "Well, I kind of just said to people, 'If it comes up, then just go for it,' you know? I just think we have such a difficult job as it is, and we’re just always on the boat and there’s so much to do. And I just think if you can get a little bit of fun somewhere, then why not?" she shared. "Even if it creates drama or tension or whatever, it’s like, oh, you only live once. Just give it a go [laughs]."

However, the best piece of advice Aesha imparted on the Below Deck Down Under crew was to not worry about what other people think. "You just have to think about the people in your life that love you no matter what. And you’re always gonna have those people there," she said. "I just always tell everyone, come in, be crazy, make mistakes, put your walls down. And as long as you’re genuine, usually people will love you. And if they don’t, then who cares, honestly? It just doesn’t matter."

Below Deck Down Under is streaming now on Peacock. New episodes are available every Thursday.

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