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The Daily Dish Below Deck Down Under

Aesha Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone Was “Melting” Over Captain Jason on Below Deck Down Under

“It got to the point where I was just like, ‘Get a f--king grip, girls,’” Aesha Scott said of Captain Jason Chambers.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Your First Look at Below Deck Down Under

When Below Deck Down Under’s Captain Jason Chambers first met his Season 1 crew, he was particularly glad to see Aesha Scott as his chief stew. “When she came on, I was so happy, because I just knew that I had a good team member that would want to accomplish the same as I want to accomplish and the same manner of having a positive attitude and being vibrant,” Captain Jason told The Daily Dish in an interview in March. “And that’s exactly what she was.”

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Working with Captain Jason was a similarly enjoyable experience for Aesha, who said that he was more like a peer than a boss. “It was amazing, because he was really like a friend to me. You know, like, I have so much respect for the hierarchy, so I really did respect him as my captain. We had this vibe where it was like he was the captain, but I was in charge of the interior, and we were, like, this friendship that just supported each other, really. You know, we both leaned on each other,” Aesha said in a separate interview with The Daily Dish in March. “Every step of the way it was like, ‘What’s this for you? How can I help you? Where can I step in?’ He’s doing my dishes and he’s taking out the rubbish and he’s helping me hang decorations on the aft deck. He stepped in so many places. But it was never stepping on my toes. It was just really helping me out but still respecting my position. I never felt like he was helping me because he thought I wasn’t doing enough; he was just helping because he was like, ‘We’re a team, let’s all do this together.’”

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In fact, Captain Jason said he considered himself “more of a big brother sometimes than a captain” to the crew. “I like to participate in [everything], you know, whether it be washing dishes or cleaning the decks,” he said. “I get a little bit of FOMO if they’re going out without me, too.”

As you’ll see during Below Deck Down Under’s encore run on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9/8c, some of the yachties and charter guests alike probably would have appreciated the chance to spend more time with Captain Jason. The Below Deck Down Under boss seems to have everyone swooning with his hunky good looks.

Well, everyone except Aesha, that is. “Oh, tell me about it. It got to the point where I was just like, ‘Get a f--king grip, girls.’ And not even just the girls on the boat. Guests as well. They were all just throwing themselves at him. And I just was like, oh my god, like yeah, get a f--king hold of yourself,” Aesha recalled to The Daily Dish. “It was just so funny to watch what he does to people. Because I just feel like, I don’t know, I’ve never been like that around guys. And just to see these girls, like, completely melting, I was like, wow, he’s really got this power.”

Even if Aesha weren’t in a happy, committed relationship with her boyfriend, Scott Dobson, she said Captain Jason wouldn’t have grabbed her attention. “No, well, you know, I’m in a really serious relationship, and I adore my boyfriend. So, you know, I kind of only have eyes for him. But even aside from that, I’ve never been the kind of girl who’s like, you know… like I don’t show up to parties and check out the guys and see who’s around. I’m pretty, like, disinterested when it comes to checking guys out and stuff,” Aesha said. “So I think even if I wasn’t taken, it probably wouldn’t have fazed me anyway.”

As for Captain Jason, he said he will entertain a bit of flirtation from charter guests. “Some of the guests were outrageous, to say the least, but they’re paying. So, you know, there’s a line there, and they can come all the way up to the line and come to it. I’ve had a lot worse charter guests in my 20 years, that’s for sure — a lot worse. These guests were enjoying themselves immensely, and that’s amazing. That’s all I care about,” Captain Jason said of some of the charter guests you’ll see in Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under. “As for the flirtation and stuff, yeah, I’ll suck it up. I’ll have a little bit of it [laughs].”

After all, making sure the charter guests have the best time on the yacht is what it’s all about for Captain Jason. “Every crew member was new except for Aesha, and the boat was new. The location is familiar with me, and I need to set the tone of what I’m trying to expect to get out the end of this, which is that the guests are enjoying their time. So I’m very hands-on at the start, which is not abnormal for me. I’m the first one in the water. I’m the first one to go diving or fishing. I’m more adventurous than most, I suppose,” he said. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years now, and the reason I still want to do it, it’s not getting old for me, is because I love it. I love being on boats, and I love being the captain, and I love giving entertainment to guests.”

Currently the youngest captain in the Below Deck franchise, Captain Jason said it’s nice that people are appreciating that he is “young and vibrant and ready to go.”

But if you ask Captain Jason how old he is, he will give you a perfectly mysterious response, which only adds to his allure, if you ask us. “This is going to be the question from everyone now, isn’t it?” Captain Jason told The Daily Dish when asked about his age. “How about we just keep it a secret?”

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