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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Captain Glenn Recalls Cindi Rose “Trying to Pretend” She Didn’t Stain That White Couch

Captain Glenn Shephard and Daisy Kelliher actually disagree on “the worst” charter guests of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3.

By Laura Rosenfeld
A Charter Guest Tells Captain Glenn Shephard the Food Is "Disgusting"

On this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, we’ve seen some pretty outrageous charter guests, from those who got a little tipsy to others who made demanding request after demanding request. But if you ask Captain Glenn Shephard who his “least favorite” charter guests were in Season 3, the answer “is pretty obvious,” according to the Below Deck Sailing Yacht boss.

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Captain Glenn said he wasn’t a fan of Erica Rose’s charter (clip above), which was the second group of guests this season. “Erica Rose and her husband, Charlie, and [mother] Cindi — to some degree messing up the sofa and trying to pretend it wasn’t her — they were probably the worst. I don’t really like talking negatively about people,” Captain Glenn told The Daily Dish in an interview on the red carpet at the NBCUniversal upfront last month. “They didn’t take care of the crew. They kind of screwed the crew on, you know, they didn't leave a normal tip. We don’t tell them how much to leave us in tip, but they left a really good tip last year. You go to the same restaurant two weeks in a row and you give a really good tip and then the next week you don’t, it’s like you’re saying something. So I felt like they were saying something negative to us, where we felt like we did a pretty good job of doing our best to take care of them, make sure they had a good holiday.”

Erica’s charter group ended up leaving just $6,500 in tip for the entire crew, which came to $720 per person. Captain Glenn told The Daily Dish he had a theory as to why the tip didn’t match the quality of the work the Parsifal III crew had put into the charter. “If somebody has a legitimate complaint, we take it very seriously, but they were just making stuff up, I think, to justify the tip they already decided before they even arrived,” he explained. “I don’t know. There was something going on.”

Still, the always fair Captain Glenn noted that “they weren’t terrible terrible,” and the crew even “had some fun” during their time on the Parsifal III. He also said the other guests who were with Erica, Charlie, and Cindi “were lovely” and “great.”

All in all, Captain Glenn said they “had some great people” on the yacht this season, including primary charter guest Jim, for whom the Parsifal III crew memorably put on a talent show. “Jim was really cool, his gang of people,” Captain Glenn said. “Oh my god, those guys were so much fun.”

In another interview at the NBCUniversal upfront, Daisy Kelliher also said Jim’s group was her favorite out of some “awesome guests” this season. “They were super fun, and they wanted to be there. You know, you vibe off that energy,” she said. “People who want to be there, it makes our job easier.”

And though she agreed with Captain Glenn that Erica’s group was tough, Daisy said her “biggest challenge” was actually Dr. Kim Nichols' charter. “The three of them were lovely, but the other three, they’re not bad people, but it’s that sort of level of demands, where even if we had a third stew, you can’t. People who ask too much, we could never cater to them,” she said. “So that, for me, was probably the hardest charter I’ve ever done in my career.”

Daisy Kelliher Is Losing Her Patience with a Charter Guest

Looking ahead to this season’s reunion, Captain Glenn said he didn’t “know what’s going to come up,” although he anticipated some of the most shocking moments of Season 3 to be on the agenda, including the departures of Tom Pearson and Gabriela Barragan, as well as the yacht running aground. “We had some issues. We lost a couple crew members. We had one kind of event that was, you know, not ideal,” Captain Glenn said of the aforementioned incident with the anchor dragging while speaking with The Daily Dish on the red carpet at the NBCUniversal upfront. “I’ve been 22 years in superyachts, never had that particular thing where we had the storm, and the person who’s meant to be watching the anchor watch didn't do their job correctly, and we ended up stopping in shallow water, which is very serious. So, I don’t know. We’ll probably address stuff like that.”

Tom Pearson Worries Glenn Shephard Is Going to Fire Him

But really, Captain Glenn is just excited to reunite with the Season 3 crew, even if it might not always be smooth sailing during the sit-down. “I think it’ll just be fun to see everyone together and chat and reminisce,” he said, before adding, “Obviously, there will be some drama.”

TV stardom hasn’t changed Captain Glenn one bit, as he said he’s still doing his “normal job” at the helm of Parsifal III, a position he has held for the past 13 years. “So it’s a job I do every day, been doing it a long time. And all of a sudden it’s on TV, and some of my friends and buddies in the industry and high school, they see me on TV, and it’s kind of interesting. I enjoy it,” he said. “I especially enjoy sharing the concept of people working on superyachts to a younger audience that may be looking for a career path that’s a little different from a typical corporate world, a little more adventurous. I really like that aspect of it.”

Captain Glenn added that there’s “something really special about working on these boats.”

“It’s hard work, but it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s not just a job,” he shared. “I mean, the boats are beautiful. Obviously, we have a lot of interesting, beautiful people working on the boat, beautiful guests coming on the boat, interesting people from all walks of life. So, yeah, it’s good fun. And the exotic locations don’t hurt, right?”

The life of a yachtie can sometimes make it challenging to maintain romantic relationships, as we’ve seen on Below Deck over the years. However, Captain Glenn confirmed there is “someone in my life” right now. “But we don’t really want that out in the public eye, at this stage anyway,” he noted. “Maybe in the future.”

For now, Captain Glenn is living his best sailor life. “I’m happy. I’m cruising around in my sailboat in France. I have some time off right now. I go back to Parsifal in about two or three weeks,” he shared. “So that’s what I do. If I’m not working, if the weather’s right, I’m on my boat.”

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— Additional reporting by Stephanie Gomulka and Alexandra Darwick

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