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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Everything You Need to Know About Captain Glenn's Girlfriend, Dani Jimenez

After keeping his love life secret, the Below Deck Sailing Yacht captain is now telling all about his relationship. 

By Shannon Raphael

It looks like Captain Glenn Shephard is setting sail on the love boat this charter season. 

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The Below Deck Sailing Yacht captain is officially telling all about his relationship with girlfriend Danelis "Dani" Jimenez on Instagram. He went public with his girlfriend on the app in November (though the two have actually been together for far longer — but more on that later).

Find out everything that Glenn has shared about his romantic life with his "mystery woman" by scrolling below!

1. She's from the Dominican Republic. 

One of the first things that Captain Glenn shared about Dani is that she hails from the Dominican Republic. 

Dani's first language is Spanish, while Canadian Glenn's is a native English speaker. 

"Our relationship is a bit complicated due to language differences..." Glenn wrote on Instagram on December 13. "The crazy thing is it works, we [kind of] have an unspoken language, and we rarely have big arguments as we simply lack the linguistic tools to express that depth of resentment, it's at these moments that I call her Danelis, luckily they are rare and short-lived."

2. She started dating Glenn before Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiered.

Though many fans have long thought of Glenn as the unattached Below Deck captain, he revealed that he actually first dated Dani before the show premiered in 2020. 

Before he went on board Parsifal III, Glenn was living in Genoa, while his ladylove was based in Milan. Now, when Glenn isn't on the sailing vessel, the two spend time on their "little boat," Avalon. 

3. She's (kind of) appeared on the show before.

OK, so Dani hasn't physically visited Parsifal III during the charter season like Captain Lee Rosbach's wife, Mary Anne, has, but eagle-eyed fans can spot her in the photo that hangs above Captain Glenn's bunk on the show. 

"Now you guys know who that woman in the photo is above the bed in my cabin," Glenn told his Instagram followers about his girlfriend. 

4. They wanted to keep their relationship private for a while. 

Since Glenn and Dani have been an item for quite some time now, it shouldn't come as a surprise to fans that they made an effort to make sure that their relationship stayed under-the-radar. 

"We've been hesitant to share our relationship online, let's just say it's been a bit 'complicated,'" Glenn added in his caption. "You're just going to have to trust me on this."

Glenn did not elaborate further on what exactly was "complicated," so we will have to trust him.

5. They're major travel buddies.

Though Glenn and Dani may spend a lot of their free time sailing around on Avalon, the Captain noted that, when the weather gets cold, the two back their bags for a trip. 

So far, Glenn has shared photos from their visits to Spain (he resides in Palma), Mexico, and France.

6. They're still not engaged — yet.

Dani tends to wear a ring on that finger, but Glenn has assured his fans (on multiple occasions) that no proposal has taken place. 

"It was just a ring," the captain wrote on Instagram on November 20 after some of his followers pointed out Dani's ring. "Neither of us [is] married nor engaged, but I can report we are very much in love, and for us, that’s what counts. PS for those that sent us congratulations, I can assure you they were not wasted, our relationship is worth celebrating."

He reiterated that the two were not set to walk down the aisle a few weeks later, on December 13. Glenn noted that the ring is "costume jewelry" and that "neither of [them is] engaged or married," but that they are "deeply in love."

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