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Has Ben Robinson Found Lasting Love with Emily Warburton-Adams?

Captain Lee Rosbach and Kate Chastain have some opinions on the #BelowDeck romance.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Do Captain Lee and Kate Think Ben's Romance with Emily Will Last?

Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams' relationship has only just begun on Below Deck, but it's already been put to the test. When Ben asked one of the psychics on the charter if she saw his relationship with Emily working out, she told him that their future did not look bright. 

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Though Ben and Emily ended the episode with a kiss, his longtime crewmate and friend Kate Chastain didn't sound too optimistic about their chances of staying together. "I actually think they have a better shot than anyone Ben has dated — but that's not really saying much," she told The Daily Dish. 

Captain Lee Rosbach put it more bluntly. "I think she may have the best opportunity, but do I think it's gonna happen? Oh, hell no," he said. "A relationship takes give and take, and with Ben I only see take; I don't see any give." 

Kate agreed that Ben would probably need to make some personal changes if he really wanted to pursue a long-term relationship with Emily. "I think that either Ben's gonna change his lifestyle a little bit more to adapt to Emily's because she loves yoga and smoothies every day," she explained. "Maybe she'll be a healthy influence, but I think first the new excitement needs to wear off of the relationship, and then once they get to where they're just dealing with day-to-day, like pick your underwear off the floor, did you get the groceries, that's when they'll really see if they like each other." 

For the record, Captain Lee said he "can't see Ben doing yoga."

Captain Lee Gets a Reading from the Mediums

As for Ben asking the psychic that question in the first place, Captain Lee and Kate both said it was a bad move for many reasons. For one, Captain Lee said it was completely inappropriate for a member of the crew to behave that way with a charter guest. "Had I been there personally to view that, I would've called Ben outside, and at the end of that charter, I'd have given him a plane ticket home because his behavior was condescending, arrogant, and rude, and I wouldn't have tolerated it for a second," he said. "We serve at the pleasure of our guests. You may not like what they do, you may not share their beliefs, but they're picking up the tab, so you keep your mouth shut and do your job. And for him to deliberately try and embarrass a paying guest, way, way, way over the line." 

Since Kate had worked so hard to help Ben woo Emily, she didn't think it was such a smart thing for him to do since their relationship was so fresh at that point. "I think it's really awkward for Emily because they had just started being romantic, so there's nerves on both sides, and I don't think it's the guest's business at all about romantic relationships between the crew, and it wasn't his best move," she said. "[Emily is] really polite and demure, and I'm sure she was mortified." 

Speaking of awkward, the primary charter guest, who was also a psychic, seemed to sense love in the air when it came to Ben and Kate, who have their own friendly/romantic history. But that was one prediction that Kate definitely didn't think was accurate. "I think that they were just picking up on the fact that Ben and I have a banter-y work relationship. And so, they were kind of stirring the pot," she said. "I don't think they really saw it in their crystal ball or whatever." 

Well, this explosive moment from Tuesday night's episode certainly doesn't inspire the warm and fuzzies.

Ben Robinson vs Kate Chastain: Round 2
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