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The Daily Dish Below Deck

Is Captain Kerry Going to Fire More Crew Members After “F-cking Blatant Disrespect”?

Certain Below Deck crew members didn't seem to follow the captain's instructions.

By Sophie Vilensky

Through watching Below Deck and its offshoots over the years, we've learned how important it is to obey your captain's instructions. When you're working on a boat — whether it's a mega yacht, a dinghy, or any other floating structure — there are certain rules that need to be followed. Cabin inspections, for example, are no joke.

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During Season 11, Episode 16 of Below Deck, which premiered Monday, May 20, Captain Kerry Titheradge made a morning announcement that cabin inspections were on the day's schedule. It also just so happened to be the last charter of the season.

"All crew, all crew, let's get this show on the road. Also, at six o'clock tonight, cabin inspections. Make sure everything is in order," he said via walkie talkie as his staff were beginning the day, eliciting plenty of grumbles.

While most of the crew did their part in cleaning up their quarters on the St. David, two cast members didn't bother to tidy: Kyle Stillie and Ben Willoughby.

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Captain Kerry's reaction to Kyle and Ben's cabins

The sight of Kyle and Ben's cabins made Kerry's "blood boil," he said in an interview. 

"No attempt to make it clean, it's like a bomb's gone off," he added. "It's disrespectful. I'm f-cking beside myself. I'm very old school; there is a hierarchy. You don't have to understand why a superior makes a decision, you just have to go do what you're asked to do. There's no bigger 'f-ck you' to a captain than to go against what he says."

Does Captain Kerry fire Kyle or Ben after cabin inspections?

After seeing their disappointing living quarters, Captain Kerry confronted Kyle and Ben.

"Did you guys not take seriously inspection today?" asked the captain, to which Ben replied they were "just working" — the wrong excuse, in Captain Kerry's eyes. 

"It wasn't just a little messy. It was f-cking rude. Every single person on this boat went to their cabin. Chef broke out from cooking food to go. Interior did their bit. You're the f-cking bosun, mate," responded Captain Kerry. "It's f-cking blatant disrespect. I've shown both of you respect. I've been out there busting my f-cking ass to help you guys out, and this is the way you guys say f-cking thank you?"

The Below Deck episode ended before Kerry's lecture could continue, but he has yet to fire Kyle or Ben.

Captain Kerry Titheradge and Ben Willoughby talking on the St. David yacht.

Why do cabin checks happen on Below Deck?

As Captain Kerry explained, "We have standards to uphold throughout the boat. Standards of cleanliness, tidiness. And we are now due to do cabin inspections, make sure there's no fire hazards, make sure the escapes aren't blocked. It's part of health and safety that we do this."

Chief Stew Fraser Olender also gave some insight into the cabin check process. "As a yachtie, cabin checks can be weekly, they can be twice a month, they can be monthly. But they do happen, and they're important. It shows how much you respect your vessel."

What happens next for Kyle and Ben? You'll have to watch the newest episode of Below Deck, which airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo, to find out.

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