Below Deck Season 11 Kyle Stillie

Kyle Stillie

Hometown: Selkirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland 

Birth date: May 7th 

Zodiac sign: Taurus 

Years of experience in the yachting industry: 1 

Favorite off boat activities: The Pub 

Special skills: Too many to mention 

Do you know any other Below Deck franchise yachties? No, but I’d like to know Courtney Veale! 

What Bravo shows do you watch? Below Deck, and the mother loves any Real Housewives. 

What do you do in your off time on the boat? Reeeeelax 

Who is your best friend on St. David? Gotta be Benny  

Who do you miss most from home when you’re traveling for work? The dog 

What is your wildest charter guest story from your career? Being paid good money for whatever they want, and I mean whatever.

What was your first impression of St. David? She’s a big girl.  

Favorite place you’ve been on charter/ place you traveled? New Zealand 

What’s one thing about working and living on a boat that would surprise people? It’s not that bad.  

Sum up this season in three words! Pretty f---ing good