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The Daily Dish Summer House

Carl Radke Shares an Update on His Relationship with Lauren Wirkus After Season 2 of Summer House

Do the former Summer House flames still keep in touch today?

By Laura Rosenfeld
Carl Radke and Lauren Wirkus

Seasons 1 and 2 of Summer House were quite the roller coaster ride for Carl Radke and Lauren Wirkus. The roommates flirted, dated, hooked up, and fought during their time together on the show before ultimately deciding to just be friends in Season 2.

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When The Daily Dish caught up with Carl during an interview in New York City at the end of February, he shared that he and Lauren haven't been in very close contact since the Summer House Season 2 reunion. "When you date someone, there's always gonna be friendship loss or awkwardness. She kept around, I think, a few friends that I wasn't a big fan of. There's also just history," Carl explained. "Whenever there's kind of miscommunication and she maybe still has feelings for you or does not, it's hard to keep in touch. I think it's just sometimes better to cut ties." 

Carl remembered running into Lauren while he was hanging out with Southern Charm's Shep Rose, Craig Conover, and Austen Kroll in the Hamptons last summer, and he said she did not seem "very pleased and excited about me being there." "It just was easier to kind of be cordial and move on," he said.

Now that Lauren has announced that she will no longer be living in New York City full-time but instead will be splitting her time between the East Coast and the West Coast, where her family lives, Carl said that they can now find some closure in their relationship. "I didn't know she was moving until actually I ran into her unintentionally at the same restaurant she was having her going away party, and then the next morning is when she actually moved," he said. "We'll all miss her in some ways, but I think, for me, I'm excited about next chapters of new females in my life."

Still, Carl admitted that he has "conflicting" feelings about Lauren's move across the country. "Listen, I originally met her the year before I did the first season of Summer House. Obviously, we dated, we've been really close, I think. It's very conflicting because I think a lot of what people have watched on our show is us fighting or us having these ups and downs, but we've had a lot of fun together," Carl explained. "How I handled myself in dating her and not dating her, I definitely regret a little bit of how I behaved. I chalk that up to a lot of just immaturity on my end. Also, I think, just my communication skills with her, I struggled really to be honest with how I felt." 

But, ultimately, Carl said that he thinks Lauren's new bicoastal lifestyle will be good for the both of them. "I think she's got a bright future for her outside of New York City and lets me kind of live my life without getting attacked all the time. It'll be good for me, like no cakes, no watermelons, no Carl screaming," he joked. "Yeah, it just seems like it's in a good place. It just seems like the right way to go." 

Though Lauren didn't rule out rekindling her romance with Carl when she spoke with The Daily Dish in April 2018, she said she really only saw friendship in their near future. "Right now, we are just friends and that is the best place for us. I am a firm believer that I don't know whatever's gonna happen. Like I have other exes that I have given chances to because I don't [make] connections with people easily. I just don't walk on the street and want to go on a date with this person and have chemistry," she said. "So for me, I never say never, but right now friends is the best place for us."

This season of Summer House is just starting to heat up! Check out a preview of an all-new episode coming up on Monday at 10/9c, below.

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