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The Daily Dish Summer House

See What Carl and Lindsay Revealed to a Producer After Their Explosive Breakup

Go inside the tension-filled moment after Carl Radke ended his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard on Summer House.

By Sophie Vilensky

During Season 8, Episode 15 of Summer House, which premiered on Thursday, May 30, Carl Radke called off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard — a plot twist that we've known was on its way all season. What we didn't know, however, is exactly how the conversation went down, and what they told producers who were around to hear the whole thing firsthand.

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Immediately after the relationship ended, Lindsay left the room, and a producer followed to see how she was doing. "Hey, Lindsay? I just wanted to check that you're alright," the producer said to Lindsay. "I don't know what they f-cking want from me," she answered.

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Instead of digging into things in that moment, she decided to call her dad. 

"Well, [Carl] showed up to the conversation all ready with a decision and was not looking to repair anything, did not want to listen to my perspective at all, and then told me he wants to call off the wedding and break up," she shared. "Relationships take work, and if you just want to quit and not at all take responsibility for your portion of this, if you're not willing to grow together and, like, understand what each other's needs are at different points in life, then I'm not going to sit here and convince you that we should be together."

In a separate room, another producer asked Carl if he needed "some time."

"I don't even know," he answered. "I'm trying my best and I've really given it my all. I thought that this would work. I know relationships are hard and maybe I'm the type to just start questioning my own sanity. Like, am I crazy? I feel like I'm crazy half the time because I know what I'm experiencing and I know what I feel like is going on. And then I hear her rendition of it and I feel even crazier."

Carl also told the producer that he didn't want to hurt Lindsay. 

"I love her. I care about her. I want it to work. But I don't understand how it can," he added.

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While talking to the producer, Carl noted that he could overhear Lindsay's conversation with her dad. "It's like 'all of a sudden.' This isn't all of a sudden. That's the crazy part. She's, again, blind to the things that have gone on the last year," he said. "I mean, fight after fight after fight we've had. Even in this building we had a noise complaint because of our fighting, and like, she got an email from the landlord saying there have been complaints."

When it came to conversing with his then-fiancée, the Loverboy investor said he'd always lose.

"She's blindsided, she's caught off guard, I'm going to be the asshole again," he said. "My life will be canceled but she'll be the fallen woman who everyone's going to feel sorry for."

Ready for more? The Summer House Season 8 two-part reunion begins on Thursday, June 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. 

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