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Why Did Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard Break Up?

Go back through the timeline of the end of HubHouse and Carlito on Summer House.

By Sophie Vilensky

Listen, it's the question we're all asking: What exactly happened between Summer House darlings Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke that caused them to call off their engagement and end their long-term relationship?

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Once the best of friends, Lindsay and Carl eventually took their relationship to the next level with a disastrous Season 4 date, later deciding to give a relationship a real try. Their love affair and engagement was broadcast during Season 7 of the Bravo show, making the fallout that much more confusing when news broke that Carl had called the marriage off.

"I never thought, I didn't even know that I would, like, get married," shared Lindsay during the Season 7, Episode 13 after Carl popped the question. "But Carl is just like, the most beautiful human being ever. The sweetest soul. Sorry girls, he's off the market now."

So, what happened? Why did Lindsay and Carl break up? Read on to find out.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard's Relationship Timeline

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke posing on the red carpet at BravoCon 2022

Carl and Lindsay met on Summer House Season 1 — which premiered on Bravo in 2017. At the time, Carl was hooking up with Summer House cast member Lauren Wirkus, and Lindsay was dating Everett Weston and talking about marriage with him. The two became and stayed friends through other relationships for three seasons before hooking up in Season 4, which was filmed in 2019.

They went on their first date in Season 4, Episode 3 but, fueled by feelings, wine, and Fireball shots, it was a disaster.

"Easily the worst date I have ever had," Carl said in a confessional after Lindsay stormed off.

They opted to stay just friends for two more seasons, until they confessed their feelings for one another at Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's wedding in September 2021 (which was broadcast on the Season 6 finale). They vacationed together a month later, and ultimately confirmed that they were officially an item in January 2022.

They shared a room while filming in the summer of 2022, moved in together in June 2022, and Carl proposed in the Hamptons on August 27, 2022 (which was filmed for Season 7, Episode 13). They set the wedding date for November 2023.

When did Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard call off the engagement?

News broke that Carl and Lindsay had called off their engagement in late summer — less than three months before they were set to walk down the aisle — with Lindsay confirming the news on September 14, 2023.

A split of Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke.

Why did Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke break up?

According to Kyle Cooke, Lindsay and Carl just couldn't get on the same page in their relationship despite couple's counseling.

In an interview with E! News in October 2023, Carl's Loverboy co-founder shared some insight into his friends' split.

"It's almost like they couldn't even communicate anymore without a third party," he explained. "Carl was like, 'That is not how I'm gonna spend the next 50 years of my life.'"

At BravoCon 2023, Kyle said much the same to fans.

"We've been in couple's therapy since November 2022, there have been — in my opinion — some concerns," he told Andy Cohen during the BravoCon Live With Andy Cohen! Charming House Rules.

Carl Radke Kyle Cooke Friendship Update

Was Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard's split planned?

Of course not! 

“[Their split] wasn’t planned. … I don’t like to see couples breaking up,” shared Andy Cohen on a post-split episode of SiriusXM’s Radio Andy show. “I get the sense that there was a lot happening between them as the season was progressing, from what I have been told from production. And you will see it all playing out on the show.”

However, the split was filmed for Summer House — which Lindsay has said was at Carl's behest.

“So I wake up early, and I go into his room at 8 a.m,” Lindsay shared during an episode of "The Viall Files" podcast in early November. “I’m like, ‘Do you know what [they want] to film us about today?’ And [Carl] pops off on me."

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke at the Summer House Season 7 Reunion.

What has Lindsay Hubbard said about the breakup?

On September 14, Lindsay posted a lengthy statement on Instagram (now deleted) that detailed her feelings surrounding the split.

“I would like to start by saying thank you for allowing me the space and time to process my emotions, heal, and grieve the loss of not only my relationship, but my friendship with someone I considered my best friend for 8 years," her statement began.

"This was not my decision, and I do not agree with quitting a relationship (at this level) without trying everything possible first," she added.

Following her Instagram statement, Lindsay talked about the split with Us Weekly.

“I was completely blindsided,” she shared two weeks after she first posted about the split. “He blew up my entire life. I was crying, I was angry, and I had to find closure on my own. Now I’m at a place where I feel really good about moving on.” 

Lindsay has also alleged that Carl told other people involved in the show about his intentions before breaking things off.

“To not tell your own partner before you tell anyone else is a betrayal of the ultimate kind," she told Emily Orozco of Access Hollywood on the BravoCon 2023 red carpet.

While appearing on Nick Viall's podcast "Viall Files" in early November, Lindsay shared more about her breakup.

“Slowly but surely, it turned into, ‘I don’t want the role of my wife to be someone who asks questions and gives advice,’” Lindsay said on the podcast, claiming Carl wanted her to be "softer" and "more nurturing."

She also shared that she thinks Kyle could have something to do with Carl's decision to call off the wedding.

“There have been points in time over the summer where Kyle could’ve been in Carl’s ear,” she said. “Kyle’s had it out for me for years. He always assumes the worst in me and always thinks I’m some master manipulator, calculated person. I’m like, ‘No, I’m just smarter and quicker.’”

Daily Dish Lindsay Hubbard Egg Freezing

What has Carl Radke said about the breakup?

In a September letter to his family and friends obtained by People, Radke announced the breakup and apologized for any confusion or inconvenience to their wedding guests.

"Words cannot possibly express how difficult the last two weeks have been for Lindsay and I," he wrote. "We are so incredibly sorry to all of our guests for the confusion and lack of communication. We were left trying to figure out how this all exactly happened before we could even have the opportunity to determine the path forward amongst ourselves."

"There have been a lot of false narratives and misunderstandings that have made this all the more painful but sadly at this time we are not moving forward with the wedding," he added. "The fact of the matter is Lindsay is devastated and I'm crushed with how all this transpired. I graciously ask for some patience and grace to heal and recover while we navigate this extremely difficult time."

In a November interview with People at BravoCon 2023, Carl refuted his ex's claims that his decision "blindsided" her.

“I firmly don't believe she was blindsided because we've had these conversations," he shared. “We had a really rough summer and I think people will see that [on the show.] But it just shows the gravity of the situation when I really deep down felt like I needed to have a conversation with her about where we were at in our relationship and moving forward with the wedding.”

He also shared that he'd deliberately chosen not to speak about the end of the relationship immediately following their split.

“This is the first time I'm talking in two months because I wanted to be respectful, because it's painful for the both of us," he said. "There's still some closure and things I feel like that are gonna need to be figured out at some point. But I'm just on one day at a time. I'm just trying to just take care of myself.”

Carl told Access Hollywood how hard the split was on him

“This has been harder than literally my brother passing away, I’m not kidding. The emotional side and also like the fallout that it’s been for two months, I’m just optimistic that people will see this season, it’s going to be painful but they will understand how the conversation and decision came to that, where I felt like I needed to say that to Lindsay that I’m not sure this is right," Carl told Access Hollywood’s Lauren Herbert while walking the BravoCon 2023 red carpet.

During the Summer House BravoCon 2023 panel, Carl did apologize to Lindsay.

"I'm sorry because I understand the sanctity of an engagement and all that, I'm sorry that I hurt Lindsay," he said. "But at the end of the day, I really do believe that this decision is going to be better and healthier for the both of us."

Carl Radke sits on stage at the Bravo2Bravo: Bromance at BravoCon Panel.

Have Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke seen each other since their breakup?

Carl and Lindsay appeared onstage together twice during BravoCon 2023: first, during the "Summer House Always Wins" panel at on November 3; then on the BravoCon Live With Andy Cohen! Charming House Rules panel on November 4. According to Lindsay, the only time they'd seen each other before Vegas was when Carl would stop to pick something up at their previously-shared Manhattan apartment.

“I’m definitely a little nervous to see Carl today on our panel,” shared Lindsay during an Amazon Live stream before the event. “I think it’s really the first time that I’ve seen him in a long time, and it’s gonna be in front of thousands of fans. I don’t know how my emotions are gonna to react in that moment. I don’t if I’m gonna get emotional. I don’t know if I’m going to, you know, feel any certain ways or be sad or angry.”

During the first panel, both admitted to some trepidation about being there

Carl said he was “nervous” but “grateful” to be at the event, which he called “emotional.”

Lindsay said admitted she was “really nervous” and “shaking” in her seat.

“This is the first time I’m seeing Carl,” she added. “We don’t really speak unless he has to get into the apartment to get some stuff. That’s really it.”

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