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Ciara Miller and West Wilson Clarify Their Relationship Timeline (UNSEEN PHOTOS)

The Summer House castmates are sharing new details about what happened their relationship after filming wrapped. 

By Abby Feiner

Ciara Miller and West Wilson are revealing new details about their relationship — and sharing some never-before-seen photos in the process.

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After the Summer House castmates showcased their notable chemistry throughout Season 8, many fans have been wondering what happened between the pair when cameras stopped filming. Now, we have the answer.

On an April episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host stated on behalf of a viewer at home, "Ciara posted a selfie after filming wrapped wearing a Boulevard Brewing hat [West] wore in last week's episode, and it looks like the photo was taken at [West's] family's farm." 

Although West, who was a Clubhouse guest that night, confirmed the photo was taken at his family home, he didn't say much else about their relationship status. 

More recently, on Part 1 of the Summer House Season 8 reunion, Ciara and West shared what really happened after filming wrapped. 

Did Ciara Miller and West Wilson date after Summer House?

Yes, they did, although they are no longer together. While talking to Ciara and West about their romance, reunion host Andy Cohen said, "Take me through what happened after the cameras went down."

"I think we kept things rolling to December," West explained. "Early December, we had a dinner about laying it all out there and figuring out what we were going to do."

Noting the gap between August and December, Andy asked, "Hold on. September, October, November, were you hanging out a lot in the city?"

Ciara said, "Yes," and explained, "We live like 10 blocks from each other." 

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Although they did not have sex during the summer, Ciara shared that they did sleep together after filming wrapped.

Ciara also got to know West's friends and family.

"We went to his parents' house," she shared. "We went and stayed with his brother in Chicago, we went to a wedding." 

The episode showed three new photos of their time together after filming, including one of Ciara and West at his family's farm, one of the two of them posing together at a wedding, and another of Ciara sitting with West's dad. 

Ciara Miller and West Wilson outside together on his family farm.
Ciara Miller and West Wilson at a wedding together.
Ciara Miller sitting outside with West Wilson's father on their farm.

Given these details, Andy concluded, "So September, October, November, it sounds like you were dating? ... Would you say you were dating for real during that time?"

In response, West said, "Basically, yeah. I don't think we walked around saying boyfriend/girlfriend, but, I mean, basically, we hung out every day."

June-July 2023: Ciara Miller and West Wilson talk about their initial connection

On the Season 8 premiere, which was filmed on June 30, Ciara and West quickly bonded, and Ciara shared in an interview, "West is impressing me, I'm not gonna lie. He's inquisitive."

West noted he and Ciara were "vibing" on Episode 2 of the season, and by Episode 3, he declared, "I have a little baby crush on Ciara."

July 2023: West Wilson and Ciara Miller go on their first date

Ciara Miller and West Wilson out to dinner during their first date

Ciara and West went on their first date on a Thursday in July 2023, as documented on Season 8, Episode 3. The duo had dinner at Bell, Book & Candle in NYC's West Village neighborhood.

"I've been on a zillion first dates in New York City, obviously, but this one, the stakes are much higher ... I'm gonna see this woman 900,000 more times this summer. I have to f-cking bring it."

The date went well, with West later revealing that he and Ciara went to two bars together after dinner.

July 2023: Ciara Miller and West Wilson have their first kiss

On Episode 4, West revealed that he and Ciara "made out" on their first date. 

They kissed again on Episode 5, which the show noted took place on July 15, when Carl Radke dared them as part of a game. 

"I've been making an effort to not come on too strong this whole time so far, but I think she's giving back what I'm giving to her," West said. "So more makeouts to come, probably."

On Part 1 of the reunion, Andy asked Ciara, "What was the moment you decided West might be more than just a housemate?" Ciara responded,  "When we started making out," and West chimed in, "That was the campfire."

September-November 2023: Ciara Miller and West Wilson continue dating

As explained on Part 1 of the reunion, Ciara and West continued to date throughout the fall. Although they never had a conversation about being exclusive, West noted that he was not talking to other women "toward the end of the fall." 

December 2023: Ciara Miller and West Wilson end their relationship

On Part 1 of the reunion, Ciara and West noted that their relationship ended at their previously mentioned December dinner. 

"We had a talk and I thought we were on the same page as we were going through that dinner," West said, to which Ciara responded, "He was ready to go to the next bar, and I went home crying."

December 2023: Ciara Miller goes "no contact" with West Wilson

Ciara shared that she had "no contact" with West after their breakup.

"I stopped talking to you altogether," she said. "Because I think that's mean to take someone to your parents' house and want to sleep with them when you have no intention of doing anything." 

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