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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Who Is Denise Richards' Husband Aaron Phypers?

Get to know all about the RHOBH alum's "soulmate," including how their love story began. 

By Jamontae Hickman

On Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers got to follow the dynamic and over-the-top life of Hollywood actress Denise Richards. Throughout Denise’s two-season stint on the series, we also got a glimpse at her parenting style and her relationship with her husband, Aaron Phypers, whom she married in 2018. (Their Malibu wedding was featured on Season 9, Episode 7 of RHOBH.) 

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"I am so happy to officially be married to the love of my life,” Denise told The Daily Dish at the time. “I can't wait for everyone to go on this incredible journey with me this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It has been a wild ride so far!"

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Flash-forward to today, Denise and Aaron's marriage is still thriving, and they appear to be happier than ever. 

So, who is the charming man who swept Denise off her feet six years ago? 

Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers on a step and repeat for a charity gala.

Who is Aaron Phypers, Denise Richards' husband? 

Originally from Canada, Aaron studies and practices frequency medicine in Los Angeles.

Aaron began dating Denise in December 2017 and officially became her husband on September 8, 2018.

Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers standing together by their wedding cake.

How old are Aaron Phypers and Denise Richards?

Aaron turned 51 in 2023.

In honor of his 50th birthday, Denise shared a heartfelt tribute to her social feed. “Happy Birthday to my amazing incredible hubby,” the RHOBH alum captioned the post. “Every day is a dream with you. I love you so much and can’t wait to spend a lifetime of birthday together.”

Denise tuned 53 in February 17, 2024. She celebrate her special day by sharing a few photos, including one of herself blowing out candles on a birthday cake while wearing a hot pink strapless dress, on Instagram. 

“Thank you for the birthday wishes! I feel so grateful. I love you all,” she wrote as the caption.

Denise Richards Aaron Phypers Marriage

What does Aaron Phypers do for a living?

As mentioned previously, Aaron works in frequency medicine.

In fact, the couple met at Aaron’s place of work, which Denise noted in Season 9 of RHOBH.

In August 2020, Denise shared more insights into her husband's expertise on Instagram.

"I’m always in awe of my husband and never get tired of hearing him talk about the incredible things he does,” she captioned a series of photos of Aaron at work. 

Denise continued, “I love all of his modalities and learning about new technology to help different things. It fascinates me and I love learning too. Many may not understand but I have seen so many people come and being grateful that he changed their life. And he changed mine and my daughters'."

During Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show, Denise explained how frequency medicine works.

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"This is very hard for me to explain," Denise said. "He doesn't touch you or anything, it's not stuff like that. It's light and sound therapy."

On Season 10, Episode 3 of RHOBH, Aaron clarified his vocation. 

“Everything you’ve been taught about how diseases process and stuff works is not true. I have to be careful," he said. “Age of 12, I was living next to the largest nuclear facility in North America. I watched everybody die of cancer. I couldn’t understand why we could split an atom with sound and cause a nuclear explosion. If you look at an atom, there’s lots of space, right? Electron, proton, neutron, whatever. There’s a lot of space, space, it’s empty space, right? 99.9 percent is space, but it’s oscillating at a frequency that appears to be real in our reality."

"Traditional isn’t traditional. It’s allopathic. And allopathic, it means alternative medicine. Look it up. It’s all a measurement of the electromagnetic spectrum frequency," he added. "I break down stuff so you can all heal you — I don’t heal anybody, by the way. I remove blocks, discord, information."

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How did Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers meet? 

On Season 9, Episode 2 of RHOBH, Denise revealed how her love story started with Aaron. "The first time that I saw Aaron, I thought he was hot as balls," she explained in a confessional interview. "We've been together for a little over a year. I really feel like he's my soulmate. He's such a good man."

She later added: "I met him because I started going to his clinic, where he does a lot of frequency work and balancing the body." 

Denise Richards, Aaron Phypers, and Eloise Richards posing together in front of a step and repeat.

Does Aaron Phypers have kids? 

Aaron doesn't have any kids, but he does happily co-parent Denise's three daughters, Sami, Lola, and Eloise. 

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While on RHOBH, Denise was vocal about Aaron's plans to adopt Eloise, whom she adopted on her own in 2011 following her divorce from Charlie Sheen. Unfortunately, Aaron's process of legally adopting Eloise got delayed after the couple lost important documents in the California wildfires.

"We're waiting for her birth certificate 'cause you need a birth certificate to say you want to adopt a child. But Eloise adores Aaron," Denise said during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 After Show in July 2019.

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