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Jax Claimed He Didn't "Believe in Divorce” Right Before Split: “I’ll Never Go Anywhere”

Jax Taylor claimed Brittany Cartwright would "never leave" the marriage, even as the relationship began to crumble. 

By Jill Sederstrom

It’s fair to say Jax Taylor never saw his split with wife Brittany Cartwright coming.

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Despite an epic fight with Brittany that uncomfortably played out in front of The Valley cast on their trip to Big Bear Lake, California, Jax continued to insist in Episode 10 that he and his wife were just “going through a little bit of a hiccup.” 

Why Jax Thinks Brittany Cartwright Will "Never Leave" Him

Jax made the comments on a guy’s fishing outing after telling Jesse Lally—who announced his own separation from wife Michelle Saniei Lally in March—that he’d never take marriage advice from him.

“Jesus Christ, your marriage is on the fence, too,” Jax told his longtime friend.

When Jason Caperna pointed out that Jax had said “too,” implying his own marriage might be in trouble, Jax quickly began to back pedal.

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor at dinner.

“I misspoke, I shouldn’t have said my marriage was on the fence, my marriage is far from on the fence,” Jax insisted. “My wife and I love each other to death and we don’t believe in divorce. We don’t. We work through it.”


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As the guys gently challenged his assertion, Jax doubled down on the bond he had with Brittany.

“We don’t believe in separation, we don’t believe in any of that,” he stressed. “My wife is going to have to bury me in the f-cking backyard. I will never go anywhere and she will never leave.” 

Why are Jax and Brittany splitting?

But that may not be exactly how Brittany sees it. In a preview for Season 1, Episode 11, the mom of one appeared to get real with Janet Caperna about the fragile state of the union.

“I know you guys don’t believe in divorce,” Janet is seen telling her friend as they sit together on a pair of swings.

“Oh, we would go down that path,” Brittany surprisingly shot back. 

An earlier loud fight between Jax and Brittany in Episode 10 left the rest of the cast stunned and had Janet telling Jax that she “highly, highly” suggested couples therapy.

 “You guys are not communicating well at all. You’re not hearing each other, you’re not understanding each other,” she told him. “You guys need a third party to sit there and say, ‘Hey, that’s not a good way to say that, instead say it like this.'” 

Brittany and Jax patched things up the next morning after Jax apologized for the “inappropriate” way he acted, yet Brittany was still clearly affected by the blow-up.

“I think Jax just doesn't appreciate me as much anymore because he doesn’t think that I will ever leave him and he knows that I’m so quick to forgive, always,” she said in her confessional. “Like we’ll fight and then 30 minutes later, he thinks everything is fine. He doesn’t realize, like, the emotional damage that it does to me.”

Are Jax and Brittany divorced?

Despite Jax’s insistence that nothing would ever come between the couple, Brittany announced in February that she and Jax were separating to take some time to reevaluate their relationship.

But Jax hasn’t written off the relationship just yet and recently told The Daily Dish that he’ll “never date” again, even if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Jax attributed the split to “communication” issues and has vowed to work on his own mental health as the separated couple figures out their next steps.

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