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Dolores and Jackie Fell Out Over a "Disgusting" Text: See the Message

A screenshot sent by Margaret Josephs seemingly proved Jackie hit below the belt after Dolores failed to tag her in a photo.

By Jax Miller

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but text messages can last forever, especially on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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Things quickly soured between Dolores Catania and Jackie Goldschneider at the Gorgas’ limoncello-themed housewarming party after Jackie found herself at the center of multiple spats, including one with Margaret Josephs, as seen in the tail-end of Season 14, Episode 7. It became especially heated when Margaret — across the room while Dolores and Jackie tried to work things out — sent Dolores a screenshot of some not-so-nice things Jackie said about Dolores.

Margaret’s husband, Joe Benigno, alerted Dolores to check her phone, which she proceeded to do during her conversation with Jackie. Dolores, reading the message, said she was checking on her dog.

Why are Dolores and Jackie fighting?

Jackie previously stated via text message that Dolores “intentionally” failed to tag her in a photo from Dolores’s charity softball game, as seen in Margaret’s screenshot.

“I definitely think intentional,” Jackie said in the text. “She’s a f-cking slob, and I hate her.”

Dolores asked, “Am I a slob?” as she showed the screenshot to Jackie.

“No, that’s so mean. That’s what she sent you?” Jackie responded.

Dolores called the insult “disgusting,” though Jackie said she was only referring to the “situation,” getting into more detail when speaking to RHONJ producers.

“’Slob,’ to me, it’s not a great thing to call somebody, but it’s not that bad,” Jackie explained. “It just means, like, your behavior is mean and stupid, and juvenile, and petty. That’s what I mean by ‘sloppy.’”

Dolores Catania and Jackie Goldschneider at a party having an argument

Dolores, however, had a different take:

“’Slob,’ where I come from, it’s a nasty word,” she said in her confessional. “Getting called a slob from the girl who’s a f-cking hot mess almost every day — crying all the time over everything — and I’m the slob? I’m the f-cking slob? OK, Jackie.”

Jackie apologized for her poor choice of words, and Dolores kept her cool, saying she would have never talked about Jackie in such a way. Jackie then brought to Dolores’s attention that Margaret, too, had some “horrendous” things to say about Dolores and her boyfriend, Paulie Connell, though she “doesn’t put it in writing.”

“Well, then she’s smart,” said Dolores. “She’s a lot smarter than you.”

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Dolores told producers Margaret should also “keep her mouth shut” about her and Paulie’s relationship.

Earlier in the evening, Margaret confronted Jackie over previous claims Jackie made: that since Margaret and Melissa Gorga were in Rachel Fuda’s ear, there’d be no reconciliation between Rachel and Teresa Giudice in their ongoing feud.

“She’s a real douche,” Margaret told Dolores and Danielle Cabral. “I am livid.”

In a group conversation, Jackie told Margaret and Melissa that she stood by those claims.

After Melissa left to cater to her guests, Margaret insisted she was “nothing but good” to Jackie, even though Jackie claimed Margaret wanted credit for Jackie’s book deal success — an allegation the Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget author denied.

“That’s your insecurity,” Margaret insisted. “You are so defensive.”

Jackie surmised Margaret was upset about her friendship with Teresa before angrily storming off and calling their conversation a waste of time.

Margaret then told Dolores that Jackie had previously “complained” about not being tagged in the aforementioned photo, though Dolores called it “a total accident.”

So far, there’s no sign that things will cool down between Dolores and Jackie, but more to come as RHONJ Season 14 continues.

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