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The Daily Dish Married to Medicine: Los Angeles

Dr. Imani Walker Shares the Latest on Her Divorce

The Married to Medicine Los Angeles psychiatrist gives an update on her son's relationship with her ex-husband.

By Laura Rosenfeld

This season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles was one of change for Dr. Imani Walker. The psychiatrist began the season adjusting to living apart from her husband, Phil Johnson, as he worked on launching a cannabis dispensary business in Oklahoma

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But as the season went on, it seemed as though there was more going on in Dr. Imani's marriage than she was letting on. Dr. Imani later revealed, first to Dr. Britten Cole and then to the rest of the group, that she and her husband had decided to separate and get a divorce.

Dr. Imani shared the more current status of her divorce during an interview over the phone with The Daily Dish on June 17, confirming that she and Phil had, in fact, moved forward with the divorce since filming this season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles. "I filed first, and then Phil had acknowledged that he received it. So, I’m using a mediator right now because it’s just an easier process and it’s not as dramatic," she explained. "So right now, we’re separated, and our divorce is pending. So, we’re just kind of waiting for all the paperwork and all that stuff to go through so that we can sign off on it."

Though she and Phil have gotten into some arguments throughout the divorce, Dr. Imani said that things have been peaceful for the most part throughout the process. "The last time that we spoke, it was just like, you know what, I’ve come to terms with it, you’ve come to terms with it. He has two children who are older than my son that I still am in communication with," Dr. Imani said. "So even though our relationship didn’t work out, we’re still cordial toward each other. I can’t be mad at him because I’m happier now. That’s just what I had to do. I just had to end it."

Dr. Imani's son Idris is from a previous relationship, but she has said that Phil has been a father figure to her 11-year-old for the majority of his life. Idris is handling the divorce well, according to Dr. Imani. "Idris is great. I mean, even when we told him, he was kind of like, 'Oh, OK.' And it took him like a day or so to kind of let it sink in," Dr. Imani said. "But then after that, he was fine, and I think a lot of that is because he sees that I’m happier now, too." 

During a separate interview with The Daily Dish podcast, Dr. Imani admitted that she "definitely dreaded" having to tell Idris that she and Phil were getting a divorce, especially since she knows how difficult it is to go through something like that after her own parents ended their marriage. "But with Idris, it went a lot better than I thought. He was just like, 'OK, I hear you guys. It’s all good,'" Dr. Imani recalled. "I continue to talk to him about it.  But I think now he’s like, 'You know what, it’s fine. You’re still here.' He’s like, 'My mom is still here, so I’m OK.'" 

Dr. Imani said that she believes Idris and Phil last spoke a couple of months ago, but they haven't talked since then. "So I’m kind of putting the onus on Phil to really reach out and talk to Idris and just see how he’s doing," she said.

When it comes to what's next for her love life, Dr. Imani said that dating is "not really something that I’ve thought about seriously." "I have to decide when I’m ready," she told The Daily Dish. "I’m not really thinking about that too hard right now. I’m just kind of dealing with the day-to-day."

However, she is open to the possibility of getting married again one day. "I think if I found the right person who was able to just accept me for me and is very supportive, I’m not averse to it," Dr. Imani shared. "I just have to basically give myself some time."

The Married to Medicine Los Angeles cast had some ideas about the future of Dr. Imani's love life in the Season 2 finale. Check it out, below.

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