Mtmla Season 2 Headshot Imani Walker

Imani Walker

With a statuesque five-foot-nine frame, shaved head and steely glare, Dr. Imani Walker is a striking and outspoken psychiatrist who serves as Medical Director of Gateways Hospital & Mental Health Center in LA. Dr. Imani deals with patients who suffer from mental issues, homelessness, schizophrenia and chronic depression. This season, despite her friends' suspicions that things are really falling apart, Dr. Imani embraces life as a single mom to her son Idris while her husband Phil is out of state building a new business.  When issues spin out of control in Imani's personal life, she enjoys the stability and satisfaction she gets from her high-pressure career. Imani is normally stoic, but when something happens that strikes a nerve, she is quick to snap back and voice her opinion.