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The Daily Dish Imposters

Everything You Need to Know For the Imposters Season 1 Finale

Conning can get confusing. Here's a rundown of where everyone stands before Saffron (or is it Maddie?) and Patrick's big day. Spoilers ahead!

By Rachael Roberts
Wait, Is Patrick Married IRL?

When you have a con on top of a con on top of a con, it's hard to tell what's really happening. Of course, that's exactly what Maddie (Inbar Lavi), Max (Brian Benben) and the Bumblers want for this big wedding day leading into the Imposters season finale. We've brought you all the facts and laid out where everyone - and that $500,00 in cash - stands so that you can keep everything straight before Maddie walks down the aisle. 

Get our official Imposters rundown below and check out a sneak peek of the finale above. Don't forget to tune in Tuesday at 10/9c. 

1. Maddie, Max, and the Bumblers are all working together.

Anatomy of a Con: The Master Plan

That's right, con artist and mark have teamed up for one ultimate deception! This is a basic fact you gotta remember because these Imposters are pretty good at conning everyone - even the audience. But note, there are no guarantees...just look at poor Sally (Katherine LaNasa)! 

2. Patrick and the FBI have a suitcase of cash ready to lure and catch the Doctor.

While it may feel like all of Patrick's (Stephen Bishop) scheming was to catch Maddie, it's really the Doctor who the FBI are after. When Maddie proposed a way for the feds to finally get their guy, they agreed - despite having to put up half a million dollars in cash that might go missing. (They are agreeing to work alongside professional con artists, after all). This cash gives us a hint as to just how notorious the Doctor really is - worth that million dollar saffron diamond and a suitcase of $500,000. That's a pretty big fish...

3. The FBI thinks Ezra's on their side.

Ezra Is Arrested

The FBI are put a bit at ease, though, because they've got Ezra Bloom (Rob Heaps) in their pocket. By arresting our hero and making him confront the very real danger he and his fake ex-wife Ava (real imposter Maddie) could be in with the Doctor, they convince him to pull a Benedict Arnold on Miss Maddie. Or at least that's what they think. We almost bought this double agent scheme when he bugged Maddie's phone, but that was until...

4. Ezra's conning the FBI!

Ezra Bloom, Welcome to the FBI

We were secretly hoping that Ez wouldn't turn on the gang - and thank goodness he didn't! We guess he's getting pretty good at this con artist thing because Patrick has no idea...

5. The Bumblers and co are planning to use Jules' art to steal the money.

It's the first thing Jules (Marianne Rendón) has made since Maddie broke her heart, and we think it's kinda fitting. Jules' art piece is gonna be used to pull off a con on the FBI - could this be a metaphor for Jules' life now? We're just saying, it's pretty poetic. 

6. Jules is having an affair with the FBI Agent playing Patrick's sister.

Is Jules Sleeping With the Enemy?

We're not exactly sure how this will affect the Maddie, Max, and the Bumblers big con, but we have a feeling it might complicate a few things...But we're super excited Jules might have found a bit of happiness. We're forever on team Jules! 

7. Patrick might have the feels for Maddie.

Did Patrick Have Real Feelings For Maddie?

What was all supposed to be pretend may have morphed into something real. Ezra confronted Patrick about his feelings in FBI headquarters, "I calll bullsh--, come on" Ezra says, "Tell me you never felt something the whole time you were with her. Tell me you never loved her." And there's that whole "stay over at my place for old times sake" thing Patrick said to Maddie the night before the wedding. Would someone with no feelings say that? You can weigh in our poll here, but we'll all have to wait for the finale to see how this love game plays out. 

8. Maddie knows Max turned on Sally.

Is Max Playing Everyone?!

Richard (Parker Young) unknowingly dropped a huge bomb on Maddie the day before the wedding - Max sold Sally right up the river. What does this mean for the con, considering Max is key to pulling it off? Will he double cross the team, too? All we know is Maddie seemed pretty upset at the news...

9. Max is Playing the Doctor - literally.

The Doctor is In, And The FBI is Up Next

That's right, Max IS the Doctor, well, sort of. He'll be donning a bald head and losing that facial hair to trick the FBI into thinking the Doctor is at the wedding. Will he be found out?

Will they pull off the con? How are they gonna switch the money? Will Ezra turn on the gang? Will Maddie and Patrick run off together? Will Jules and Patrick's "sister" run off, too? SO many questions. And oh, we can't wait for the answers. 

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