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Who Is Garcelle Beauvais' Ex-Husband Mike Nilon?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member divorced the father of her twin sons in 2011.

By Sophie Vilensky

When then-new housewife Garcelle Beauvais was beginning a fresh chapter in a gorgeous new home during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10, Episode 2, she recalled how much she’d gone through to get to that point — especially in her love life.

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Garcelle shared in an interview during the episode that she had been ready something different, given that not much had changed in her living situation since her divorce from talent agent Mike Nilon nearly 10 years before. "I just feel like the same energy of when I was married, and I want to switch it up," she said.

Keep reading to learn everything about Garcelle and Mike’s marriage, their dramatic divorce, and where things stand with them today.

Who is Garcelle Beauvais’ ex-husband Mike Nilon?

Mike Nilon is a talent agent who also has a number of producing credits under his belt.

He has often produced films with Nicholas Cage, and including Left Behind (2014) and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022).

Garcelle Beauvais Mike Nilon Divorce

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When did Garcelle Beauvais and Mike Nilon get married?

Garcelle and Mike wed in May 2001 and twin boys Jax and Jaid were born on Oct. 18, 2007, according to People.

During Season 10, Episode 2, the then-RHOBH newcomer opened up about how she thought she and Mike would be together forever. 

"We were sort of like the Hollywood couple. I'm an actress, he's an agent. We would go to fabulous parties, we've got these two beautiful boys," Garcelle said. "Mike was reliable. He was sweet. I really thought this was my last stop."

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How did Garcelle Beauvais and Mike Nilon's marriage end?

Everything changed in the couple’s relationship in April 2010 after Garcelle spotted a shocking text on her husband’s phone. "One day, nine years ago, I said, 'Hey, Mike, can I use your phone?,'" she explained in the episode. "And so I look at the phone, and I see a text that says, 'I love you.' I go, 'Hey, what's this?' And his face changed."

"He said, 'I've been having an affair,'" she added. "And I said, 'How long?' And he said, 'Five years.'"

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She realized he'd been cheating for half their marriage, and was incredibly hurt and angry.

"I'm a hothead," she said. "So that night I wrote an email to friends and colleagues at Mike's work, and the subject was, 'What do Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and Mike Nilon have in common?' And that email got leaked to the press." (Jesse James was an early-aughts reality television personality whose marriage to Sandra Bullock ended in early 2010 after she discovered he had cheated on her.)

Garcelle filed for divorce in May 2010, about one month after sending the email. Their marriage was officially dissolved in 2011, according to the Toronto Sun. The exes currently co-parent their children amicably.

Garcelle Beauvais and her two sons Jaid and Jax at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Gala

Who did Mike Nilon cheat on Garcelle Beauvais with?

As far as what happened to the woman her then-husband was having an affair with, Garcelle said she doesn't know and has never been interested in finding out. The only information she's ever revealed is that the woman lived in Chicago at the time of the affair.

"I have no idea what happened. I was devastated, so I didn't care what happened to her," she explained. "My priority was taking care of my children, and now I feel like it's my time."

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What is Garcelle Beauvais and Mike Nilon’s relationship like now?

During a 2020 conversation with Us Weekly, Garcelle said that she’s tried to remain amicable with her ex for her sons’ sake.

“We worked really hard to put the kids first and be able to coparent,” she shared. “I mean, he was at my house [on] Thanksgiving, he’s here all the time. … No matter what, we’re still family.”

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She offered a similar sentiment to Page Six at the time.

"Mike and I have done a great job of co-parenting and getting away from that so that the boys benefit," she noted.

Garcelle Beauvais' Son Gives Her a Harsh Dose of Reality

What do Garcelle Beauvais’ sons know about their parents' divorce?

During Season 13, Episode 6 of RHOBH, Garcelle and her son Jax went out to dinner, where Jax revealed he’d long known what happened between his parents.

“I know damn well it was Dad’s fault,” the teen shared. “I know that he did something that he shouldn’t have. And I’ve known that since I was like eight years-old. I looked it up.”

Garcelle was stunned by the admission.

“You looked it up? Why didn’t you say something? You knew when you were eight?” she asked. 

“I’ve known forever,” Jax responded. “I was curious.”

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Jax went on to say that he’s never held the situation against either of his parents, even though he's known his father's actions caused the split.

“It’s all I’ve ever known, he said. “Almost half of marriages end in divorce.”

Garcelle noted that so much of her life since the divorce — which occurred when the boys were four — had been spent trying to shield her sons from the truth, so finding out that Jax had known for years was heartbreaking.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be OK with that,” she shared. 

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