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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Gary King Confirms He Had a Girlfriend During Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2

The first mate was seeing someone else prior to meeting Alli Dore and Sydney Zaruba on the Parsifal III.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Alli Dore Doesn't Believe Sydney Zaruba's Apology Is Sincere

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 reunion continued on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on June 22, and we heard Gary King, Alli Dore, and Sydney Zaruba discuss more of the love triangle that developed among them during the charter season.

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During Part 2 of the reunion, host Andy Cohen read a fan question that asked if Alli felt like she broke Girl Code by starting a romance with Gary after he had hooked up with Sydney early on in the season. "No, I have my reasons for why I don't feel like I broke Girl Code," Alli replied. "Why don't we ask Sydney?"

Sydney said that she was "not really sure why Alli's saying that." "All I know is things that happened in this season and things that I said were not indicative of who I am, and I'm very upset about the way that I portrayed myself because I was hurting and feeling rejected on national television. I was jealous about being rejected by somebody that I had feelings for," she continued. "It's not a big deal, and everybody has those feelings, everybody gets jealous, everybody has insecurities, and I felt that. It's not an excuse for what I said. But I felt those things, and I lashed out, and I hate myself for it. And that's the only thing I can think that Alli would think is breaking Girl Code, and I'm so sorry for it."

But Alli said that actually wasn't what she was referring to. "That's not it," she said. "I don't know why everyone's just sleeping over the fact that Gary had a girlfriend when he came on board, and Sydney slept with him. A long-term girlfriend. There, I've said it."

Gary confirmed that he he did have a girlfriend during Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. "Now that it's come out, yes I did. We were in a very complicated relationship. I hadn't seen her for eight months prior to me coming on the show," he said. "Not seeing someone for eight months and growing apart for those eight months, do we put a label on that? No. We only look at the negative things that, yes, I had a girlfriend, and I did what I did. That's the only regret I've got in life was doing what I did."

The first mate said that he told his girlfriend about hooking up with Sydney at the beginning of the charter season. "After what happened with Sydney and I, I had to let her know. And the hardest thing was I hadn't spoken to her for, I don't know, maybe two weeks prior to that, I would say. And then that was the news that I had to tell her, but I couldn't live with myself for knowing what I had done," Gary said. "Why have a girlfriend if you're not gonna be able to be with her 24/7, and clearly, I wasn't that type of person for her. And I proved it in the completely wrong way."

Alli expressed to Sydney that she was also upset with her behavior this season. "I am so hurt with what I've seen. And I have yet to hear an apology from you. I have yet to hear any sincerity from you," the third stew shared. "You've only cared about how you've looked on TV. You haven't, like, one-on-one, tried to contact me and say, 'I'm so sorry for the things that I said.' You really hurt my feelings. I'm just really emotional about it."

Sydney said that she "of course" owed Alli an apology. "And I thought that what I just said was an apology. No, I haven't tried to reach out to Alli one-on-one, mostly just because I've been trying to deal with things in my own way, and I've been dealing with a lot of personal trauma with realizing who I am and trying to navigate myself in this, and I haven't known how to reach out to Alli," Sydney explained. "And I thought now would be the best way. I should've reached out to her before."

At the end of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 finale, we saw that Gary, Alli, and Sydney, as well as Natasha De Bourg, had stayed on the Parsifal III to help Captain Glenn Shephard with the yacht's crossing. During that time, Gary said that he and Alli had rekindled their romance. "Yeah, Alli and I, actually, that's where we built our relationship up, and we actually, I'd say, became a couple, if I can say that, Alli, for the crossing until we got to Palma," Gary shared during the reunion. "Basically, until she left to Australia, which, it was inevitable that she was always leaving to Australia, so I think in both of our minds, in the back of our minds, we knew it would never seriously work because of that, regardless of the great chemistry and the ability to make each other laugh endlessly."

Since the charter season ended, Sydney has started a new relationship, and she and her partner have been together for about five months. Sydney said that her partner has been understanding of the events of this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. "My partner knows that it's in the past, and that's that. I work with him on a new boat now. He's the captain, and we work together, and it's good," she said. "Obviously, it's never easy to see the person that you have strong feelings for having intimate relations with other people in front of the nation. But he's supportive of me, and he cares about me, and he's there to have my back no matter what."

Alli also shared that she now has a new boyfriend. "We are just about to move in together," she revealed. "I'm finally signing a lease for a house for the first time in a long time. I'm gonna live the land life."

That isn't the only major life update from Alli. She announced earlier this week that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Benny Thompson. "So excited for this new adventure with you and our little ocean baby," Alli shared in a post on Instagram on June 21, which featured a series of photos of herself proudly showing off her baby bump alongside her boyfriend.

At the time of the reunion taping, Alli was 20 weeks along in her pregnancy. "It's very exciting. It's scary, but exciting," she said at the sit-down. "Dani [Soares] and I are pregnant at the same time. It's so cool."

Alli Dore Announces She's Pregnant!

Though this was the first time Gary had heard the news of Alli's pregnancy, he had nothing but the warmest wishes for her as she embarked on motherhood. "I'm happy for her. She told me when I spoke to her that her boyfriend treats her well and treats her like a princess, and at the end of the day, as long as Alli's happy, I'm happy. So, as long as he treats her well, and she's as happy as she says she is, then by all means," Gary said during the reunion. "Congratulations, Alli. I wish you many happy years together, and I'm sure your kids will be f--king amazing. They've got a mother like you, of course they will."

As for the future of Alli and Sydney's relationship, that remains a little less clear. Alli said during the reunion that she didn't think she and Sydney were able to find closure that day, and Sydney agreed. "I think that, you know, my and Alli's complicated time aboard Parsifal, we're never really gonna have that complete closure. So I think there's been a lot that's happened between the two of us that can't necessarily be resolved over one Zoom call," Sydney said. "I am very sorry that it hasn't been what it should have been because I think Alli and I could've been the best of friends, but just the way things played, it wasn't in the cards for us. And it's quite remorseful because I think Alli is a beautiful soul, and I think she has a good heart. And I'm very regretful for the way things have played out."

Alli said in response, "Yeah, I don't think you're a bad person at all, Sydney. I just don't like the things that went down. But I definitely don't think you're a bad person."

Sydney agreed that she wishes things had unfolded differently between them this season. "I don't like the way things went down, either," she said. "Believe me, I wish they hadn't."

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