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The Daily Dish Your Husband Is Cheating On Us

Ginuwine Opens Up About His Nude Photo Scandal

The "Pony" singer shares what bothers him most about that period of his life.

By Jocelyn Vena
That's Not a Pony, It's a Horse!

The year was 2016 and nude photos of Ginuwine landed on the Internet. And while some time has passed since those pics went viral, the Internet never forgets and neither did the "Pony" singer's castmates on Your Husband Is Cheating On Us (clip above). On Sunday's episode of the series, several of the actors chatted about the buzzy photos, and that's totally fine for Ginuwine.

"I didn't really care cause I think in my experiences and experience in life, you face it, and that takes the energy from it. It's when you duck it, that's when it gets interesting and people want to constantly hound you about it. But when you face it, they be like, "Oh, OK. It's not interesting.'"

Though, he admits, he has one regret about the photos: "And that was something that I wish never happened because I have daughters. I have seven daughters and that's not something that you particularly want your daughters to see, but it's the Internet and that's just how it is."

Happy 23rd bday to my daughter @cypresssoleil love you

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While he's taken the moment in stride, he does admit that being famous in a time when social media is the predominant mode of communication for celebs and regular folks alike has taken some getting used to for the singer — who first rose to fame in a very different time: the '90s.

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"It's very weird that you can come on any platform and social media and be stupid, basically, and do crazy things and become a star," he said. "And I think it's kind of bad at the same time because it's making a lot of the kids not patient 'cause everything is at the snap of a button and they just want it real quick. And it has it's good uses — and it's bad in some ways."

Still, he's embraced the change. "Well, I realized that you got to roll with what's happening or you get rolled over 'cause life changes, people change, and things change," he said. "So you got to roll with it. I don't particularly like it. I don't particularly like having to post pictures everyday and all that kind of stuff. It's kind of narcissistic to me, but I'm not really in it like that. But I do it because this is my career and I kind of use it more so to let people know where I'm gonna be at and shows ... but I do share my life on the road — sometimes with pictures. I don't do a lot of videos."

Though, he added with a laugh, "Very much different kinds of pictures [than the nude ones]."

Now fans will get to see even more of him (no pun intended) on Bravo's Your Husband Is Cheating On Us, although he thinks he's always been pretty candid.

"I think I did. I kind of opened up, but my life truly is an open book," he said. "Anybody that's been supporting me knows throughout my career with my music that was my social media to get out to the people. I write and wrote pretty much 80 percent of my songs, as everyone knows, so they came from heart and my experiences — that was what my social media was to get out to the people."

Make sure you tune into Ginuwine every Sunday at 9/8c. 

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