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The Daily Dish Summer House

Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo Break Down Why Their "Friendship Is Definitely on a Different Level"

The Summer House BFFs get real about their relationship.

By Jocelyn Vena
Hannah Berner Paige Desorbo Friendship

Summer House BFFs Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo are even more in tune with each other than viewers may realize — and forming that kind of tight bond was pretty immediate. For these two best friends, it was pretty much love at first sight, and they've never looked back. Now that the season of Friendsgiving is upon us, The Daily Dish spoke to Hannah and Paige just in time for it -- with Bravo and Heineken® celebrating Friendsgiving by toasting to these Bravo BFFs.

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Hannah and Paige first met when the latter came in for a job interview at a company that Hannah was working at. Hannah recalled, "I just remember that first time immediately having great vibes with her. And we have always been laughing since the day we met."

Paige remembers it pretty similarly, adding with a laugh, "Hannah came up to me and I felt like it was like my high school best friend who I haven’t seen in three years. She was so nice and I felt immediately comfortable and she sat with me. And I think she complimented my outfit and then ever since then I was just like, 'I’m obsessed with her.'"

In fact, even when the pals are out and about, that bond is always on display.  "We have this thing where if we’re out at a dinner party or we’re with other people, we realize that we only care about making the other person laugh. So if one of us can say a joke and no one will laugh but if we do, then we’re like, 'We hit it, we crushed that. That’s hilarious,'" Paige explained. "So we really only care about that with each other."

Turns out, Hannah and Paige's love of food is also a big part of their friendship.

"We also really bond over food. As Italians — I’m half-Italian, Paige is more Italian than me, but we’re not getting competitive over it. We love to just binge good food. We are that friendship that’s like, 'We need nachos.' And we never stop each other," Hannah said. "This is a random thing I’ve never thought about, but Paige is very similar to my nanna... Paige and my nanna are the same person. They’re both super glamorous, Italian, very smart, very good sense of humor. And I think I see my grandma in Paige. It’s weird, but it’s literally true. Just she feels like home. We do have the same like old school Italian morals. Where we grew up in these like Italian families — people forget that like our upbringing is a little similar."

However, these two besties are more than OK with letting others in as well. Hannah revealed how they balance being pals with their romantic relationships. She shared, "I do think the boyfriends know though that like they have to be on the good side of Paige or Hannah. They know that that’s the person that they have to win over. And we also are hopeless romantics. We really are rooting for love."

That same open-mindedness applies to other friends as well, as Paige noted. "Our friendship is definitely on a different level. But if Hannah was hanging out with someone else that I didn’t know or whatever, I’m not in seventh grade, it’s not like I would get mad at her. But yeah, it’s great to call her on Sunday nights and give her like full gossip of all the other people we know."

These two pals are so tight they share everything from gossip to towels to really anything that might be on their minds. "We do our best thinking in the shower. So after one of us showers, we know they’re gonna come out and be like, 'One more thing, I just realized something, am I right?'" Hannah noted, before revealing, "Also we’re good at sleeping together because I hate pillows. I will sleep with no pillows and then Paige will have all my pillows."

Paige added, "I have to sleep with like at least four and Hannah likes to sleep with her face directly on the mattress. So it’s just so perfect for us."

And while there are definitely aspects of their personalities that are opposite in a lot of ways, Paige said, "we’re just easygoing" which is why they can make it work.

Hannah summed them up like so: "We’re not high-maintenance friends. I think that’s our biggest similarity that like we’re just not high maintenance in terms of our friendship."

These two pals are truly friendship goals and we're thankful for them this Friendsgiving.

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