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What Drink Can Get You Buzzed and Keep You Fit this Holiday Season?

The #WorkOut cast shares tips on how to be merry AND healthy this time of year.  

By Laura Rosenfeld
Work Out New York Trainers Reveal the Best Cocktails for Your Waistline

The holiday season is a notoriously difficult time to remain calorie conscious. Attending a lot of holiday parties, events, and family get-togethers means it's likely you'll be partaking in some adult beverages, and that's usually not a part of a healthy diet.

But that doesn't mean you have to become a teetotaler from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day if you want to stay fit. The Work Out New York cast is here to help you imbibe in a way that you won't regret once the holiday season is over.

Though Joe Lazo doesn't drink, he tells all of his clients to reach for the clear tequila. "It’s the closest to paleo, it’s 100 percent agave. Your body breaks it down and utilizes the calories more than any other alcohol," Joe told The Daily Dish.

If you're looking for a healthy cocktail to try, Holly Rilinger recommends what she calls the Hollywood: silver tequila, club soda, fresh lime juice, and a splash of watermelon juice. "That’s my go-to drink 365 days a year," Holly said.

Courtney Paul also goes for the tequila when it comes to his signature cocktail, which is made by blending chopped fresh ginger, chopped jalapeno, and raspberry before adding seltzer and tequila. 

And what drinks should you avoid at all of your holiday parties this year? “There’s so many bad drinks out there," Holly told The Daily Dish. "Anything with triple sec, anything that has tons of fruit juices in it. Something to do is stick with something clear."

Courtney seconded that saying, "It’s less sugar from the nasty, cheap, fruit juice that’s all sugar and zero fruit." He also recommended staying away from margaritas and White Russians. "You need to go on an alcohol holiday if you drink that," he said.

All in all, you should still try to limit how much you drink as much as possible, according to Joe. You also might want to think twice about sipping on the season's signature spirit. "Don’t start drinking eggnog and all those additives, because is it really that delicious that you can’t drink without having eggnog mixed with your alcohol?" Joe told The Daily Dish. "To me it makes no sense."

The Work Out New York cast also has you covered when it comes to what you should and shouldn't do when you hit the gym after all of your holiday season festivities. Check it out in the clip, below.

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