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"Jax Just Disappeared Through a Wall": How Far Did Jax Taylor Make It in House of Villains?

Viewers learned of Jax Taylor's fate during the season's third episode!

By Chris Phelan
Jax Taylor in front of a gray backdrop for his press portrait for House of Villains.

Viewers have been on the edge of their seats ever since the second House of Villains episode ended on a cliffhanger! With both Jax Taylor and Corinne Olympios up for banishment, the season's first elimination promised to send home an iconic reality television housemate – and the show delivered in dramatic fashion.

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Episode 3 opened right where it left off last week, with Jax and Corinne strapped to chairs Hannibal Lecter-style as they awaited the results of the elimination vote by their fellow cast members. In the eyes of the viewers, Jax – of Vanderpump Rules fame – was pegged as one of the favorites to win the entire House of Villains competition alongside reality competition mainstays Johnny Bananas (The Challenge) and Johnny Fairplay (Survivor).

Did Jax Taylor Get Eliminated on House of Villains?

Jax Taylor smiling and happy on the House of Villains Season 1.

Someone like Jax is tailor-made for a competition like House of Villains. With his deceptively easygoing demeanor, rugged good looks, and propensity for lying through his teeth whenever the opportunity presents itself, Jax shouldn't have found himself on the chopping block so early in the season. However, after all the votes were tallied, it was revealed that the decision was unanimous (we also laughed out loud at Bobby Lytes' bewildered, adorable "What does that mean?" that cracked up the cast unexpectedly). 

Jax became the first person to be banished from House of Villains

We don't know what was more shocking: Jax being eliminated so quickly or how he was physically eliminated – a few seconds into his (earnest?) goodbye speech, Omarosa (The Apprentice) cut him off and pressed what seemed to be an eject button.

In a split second, the wall his chair was attached to flipped 180 degrees inside-out, and Jax disappeared, never to be seen again. It was a suitably dramatic exit for a suitably dramatic villain.

"Did we all sign up for this?" asked Bobby during a confessional. "B---h, I'm scared."

Vanderpump Rules relaxing with castmate Johnny Bananas on the House of Villains.

It was a hilariously over-the-top elimination ritual that felt perfectly at home in the House of Villains universe, where tried-and-true reality TV drama is served up with some seriously tongue-in-cheek moments (most served up by national treasure Joel McHale, who effortlessly guides the proceedings). We're crossing our fingers that subsequent eliminations get even crazier – banished castmates getting launched out of the house via cannon, perhaps – but even if House of Villains stays its course, the jaw-dropping way the show dismisses its villains from the competition is enough to keep us all watching!

Undeterred, the rest of the villains quickly were ushered out of the stronghold, with one cast member incredulously mumbling, "Jax just disappeared through a wall!" Unfortunately for Corinne, she was left alone and still helplessly strapped into the gurney-like chair until Tiffany "New York" Pollard (I Love New York) came to her rescue – with a glass of wine in tow, of course.

Why Was Jax Taylor Eliminated From House of Villains?

Frankly, we're still shocked Jax was eliminated so early; like with most viewers, he was one of our odds-on favorites to be the last villain standing. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. Jax's explosive confrontation with Shake Chaterjee (Love is Blind) in Episode 2 inadvertently put him on the chopping block. In a way, it makes sense: After Jax confided in Shake about the money he and his wife pulled in recently (he made over $450,000 from Cameo appearances alone), Shake used that information to successfully turn the house against him.

"It really makes me wonder, how bad do you even need this $200,000?" Shake asked during a confessional, referring to the prize money the last villain standing will receive by the show's end.

In the end, Jax failed to make the alliances and deals he realized he needed to execute. He also suffered from a reality competition no-no: oversharing. Had Jax not bragged to Shake about how much income he and his family were raking in, he'd probably still be competing on House of Villains, opening the door for the banishment of someone like Corinne or Omarosa. But it wasn't meant to be. Jax has been known for many unforgettable reality TV moments (we're still reeling over his lying to his girlfriend during Season 1of Vanderpump!), and now he can add being tossed upside-down through a wall to his impressive resume. 

Jax Taylor, we hardly knew 'ye.

Well, we actually know you very well — but we're sad to see you go nonetheless. 

You can tune in to House of Villains on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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