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A Definitive Ranking of Imposters' Biggest Twists So Far

We're still not over these shocking #Imposters moments.

By Laura Rosenfeld
The Moment Ezra's Life Changed Forever

Oh, what a season of Imposters it's been. There have been cons, a death, and so many unexpected — but definitely welcome — appearances by Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman). Basically, whenever an episode of Imposters begins, we have no idea what's waiting for us on this thrill ride, and we like it that way.

Of course, we don't know what to expect from the season finale on Tuesday, April 11 at 10/9c, either. The gang is gearing up for what promises to be the biggest con of the season. But who's going to come out on top, and who might get burned? Well, you're just going to have to watch to find out. 

But since we had so much fun with all of the twists and turns that this season brought, we're doing the opposite of the Imposters motto, "Always forward, never back," and revisiting all of the shocking moments, from those that caused some slight eyebrow-raises to ones that required us to pick our jaws up off the floor. Be forewarned that there are some MAJOR SPOILERS about the season ahead.

17. Ava Is Not Who We Think She Is

From the moment the series began, it became clear that absolutely nothing is what it seems on Imposters as we learn that Ezra's (Rob Heaps) new wife Ava (Inbar Lavi) is not only a con artist, but she's also run away with all of his money. It's soon revealed that Ezra's family has some secrets of its own when Ava, who we later find out is really named Maddie, threatens to expose that his dad, Arthur (Mark Harelik), has been having an affair and also stole the idea for the family business' signature shoe. Clearly Ava is not the only one with something to hide on Imposters.

16. Richard to the Rescue

Ezra Bloom Isn't the Only One

Luckily, it's not long before Ezra finds out that he doesn't have to deal with all of those shocking revelations on his own. Richard (Parker Young) comes knocking on Ezra's door right after his failed suicide attempt, claiming to be a member of the Federal Bureau (or rather, "Burrow") of Investigation. Soon, it's revealed that Richard is not a FBI agent and is actually another one of Ava's former marks. That's when we realized this whole thing is so much more complicated than we originally thought.

15. Is Max Playing Everyone?

As the whole Imposters gang gets ready to pull off the biggest con of them all in the penultimate episode of the season, it soon becomes clear to Maddie — and the rest of us — that Max (Brian Benben) may not actually be a team player when she gets wind that he might have actually betrayed Sally (Katherine LaNasa) and turned her in to Lenny and the Doctor (Ray Proscia). Wait, whaaaat? Is Maddie being conned, too?

14. Patrick Becomes the New Mark

We thought Maddie actually had some real feelings for Patrick (Stephen Bishop), but when her original mark, Gary Heller (Aaron Douglas), dies, she's forced to obey the Doctor's orders and target him instead, much to her chagrin. It didn't seem like that was going to end well for anyone.

13. Jules and Gina's Secret Hook-up

Was it just us, or did it seem like there was some chemistry between Jules (Marianne Rendón) and Gina (Chastity Dotson) when they first met at Maddie's (as Saffron) birthday party? Well, our suspicions were confirmed when Jules and Gina suddenly hooked up in Tuesday night's episode. Was this just a ploy for both sides to get closer, or have they actually found some lasting love?

12. Lenny Joins Maddie for Breakfast

Why Is Lenny Cohen Here?

When there was talk of Lenny coming to town to check in on Maddie's progress with Heller, we knew she was in for trouble. We mean, our first introduction to Lenny was when she broke some stranger's arm in a bar. But we didn't know when or how her meeting with Maddie would go down. Well, we finally got our answer when Lenny unexpectedly showed up in Maddie's kitchen wielding a knife. Cut to the fiercest moment featuring an omelette ever.

11. Was It All a Con for Patrick?

Once we found out that Patrick was in the FBI (much more on that later), we totally assumed that his attraction to Maddie was strictly business. But Patrick's interrogation of Ezra made us question whether or not he really did feel something for the con artist, after all. Patrick didn't give Ezra a straight answer, and now we're totally wracking our brains to see if he dropped any clues this season.

10. The Bumblers Are Born

That's My Wife

By the second episode of the season, it appeared that Ezra and Richard had actually tracked down Maddie, which would have shocked us in and of itself. After Ezra and Richard knocked on an apartment door, a shot of Maddie walking up to answer it had us thinking that was it for her. But Jules answered the door, revealing that she too had been married to one of Maddie's personas. And so the Bumblers were born. Oh, and it was just a pizza delivery guy at Maddie's door. Even con artists can't resist the deliciousness of some 'za!

9. Ezra Is Working with the FBI — Or Is He?

Sure, Patrick agrees to give Maddie immunity in exchange for successfully luring the Doctor, but it turns out that he might not be completely sticking to the plan when he threatens Ezra into helping the FBI crack down on her. Ezra bugs Maddie's burner phone to see if she'll come clean about her con ways. But it turns out that was all an act to keep the FBI at bay. Look at our little Ezra, pulling off cons like the best of 'em!

8. The Bumblers Meet Face-to-Face with Maddie

Considering the fact that the Bumblers are new to the con game, as evidenced by some not-so-successful cons, we weren't sure if they'd ever have the know-how to actually track Maddie down. But they did, thanks to some good field work at Maddie's childhood home and the power of technology. Perhaps it was Maddie's reaction to Ezra, Richard, and Jules' arrival that surprised us the most — that this seemingly fearless, badass chick was actually scared.

7. Ezra's Dad Has a Health Scare

Just when it seems like the Bumblers' reunion with Maddie is a bust, Ezra gets a shocking phone call that pulls him back to his life in Indianapolis. He learns that his father has had a bad heart attack, so he immediately returns home to be by his side. But before we were even done having our own hearts ache over that news, it turns out that Ezra's mom pulled off a con of her own and made up the health scare as a ploy to get her baby boy to return. Wow, Ezra's mom has some skills!

6. Saffron Says No to Patrick's Proposal

Saffron Says No

It was the moment Maddie had been waiting for — or so we thought. During their romantic getaway, Patrick proposed to Maddie. We were sure she would say yes since that was her job — and we all know what happens when people aren't doing their jobs when they work for the Doctor — but her answer was no, instead suggesting that they run away together, which Patrick declined. But Maddie did eventually say yes to Patrick's proposal, and the wedding of the century was in the works.

5. Jules Has a Dark Past

As Jules looked for a lawyer at a country club with Richard, she reunited with a not-so-friendly face from her past. Things got heated when Jules ran into the brother of her former roommate who said that she was "a bad person" and "a fraud." We still don't know what happened in Jules' dark past to make that man react in such a way, but we're dying to find out.

4. Max Betrays Sally

Max promises Sally that the two will finally run away and be together after her deadly confrontation with Heller, and the Doctor is after her. We even see some of their past love story. But when Lenny suddenly shows up to take Sally away, it's clear that Max betrayed her. Once a con artist, always a con artist.

3. Maddie's Problems at Home

We got the first glimpse of Maddie's real past when the Bumblers visit her parents as they try to track her down. As Ezra attempts to steal her dad's phone, there's a heartbreaking revelation that her dad suffers from dementia, and he doesn't seem to be completely cognizant of what's going on around him. Perhaps Maddie's life is way more complicated than we thought.

2. Maddie's Mark Dies

We thought the Heller operation was compromised when Maddie's mark suddenly showed up, only to see her talking to Patrick. But things go from bad to worse when Heller has a feeling that Sally has stumbled upon his stash of the Doctor's money. A row ensues between the two, leaving Sally bloodied and battered and Heller dead. We seriously didn't know where Imposters was going to go from there.

1. Patrick Is in the FBI

Patrick Has a Secret of His Own

The biggest twist of them all this season was definitely when Richard followed Patrick to work, which happened to be Seattle's FBI headquarters. The whole time, we thought Maddie was conning Patrick, and it turns out that he was conning her. Well played, Imposters. Well played. 

There are sure to be more twists and turns in store for us during the Imposters season finale on Tuesday at 10/9c. Check out a sneak peek, below.

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