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Don't Get Fooled by a Real-Life Imposter! Learn the 5 Ways to Spot a Fraud Now

Could you potentially be dealing with a con artist like Imposters' Lenny Cohen?

By Rachael Roberts
True Cons: Spotting a Con Artist

As Imposters after show True Cons: The Tricky Business of  Real Life Imposters host Georgia Hardstark explains in its first installment above, stranger danger is real, people. But how can you tell if the cute guy at the bar is actually a con artist working for the Doctor? Um, Lenny Cohen and Jules, anyone? (Catch up on Imposters here!) 

Well lucky for you, 'My Favorite Murder' podcast host Georgia teamed up with experts who can tell you exactly what to look for — or what to avoid — when meeting a potential new pal. Take a look below at the five signs you're actually talking to a con artist and watch above as the True Con experts break down this week's return of the ultimate Imposters con woman, Lenny Cohen (aka Uma Thurman!). 

1. Immediate Intimacy

If someone right away gets a little too close for comfort, like say, wants to paint your nails, beware! Anyone who is overly familiar is probably trying to just get one over on you, according to our experts. 

2. Mirroring

Did someone just say he or she is from your hometown, goes to the same hair salon, and also went to your middle school? Oh and that person also uses his or her hands a lot when talking just like you do? Yeah, you're being conned. According to Dr. Glass, mirroring is when con artists "repeat everything you say." So if you notice someone is basically your soulmate after just a few minutes - red flag!

3. Fishing

Once a con artist establishes trust through mirroring, that's when he or she can pull out the old fishing pole and get all your secrets. As Dr. Glass explains, "I know you like me, you think I like you, so we can start fishing" for information. Beware of people who ask too many questions. Expert interrogator Detective Michele Wood also cautions, "You have to watch out when they answer with a question with a question" because that could be... 

4. Deflection

Deflecting. Notice the person keeps avoiding talking about themselves and only wants to talk about you? Unfortunately, they're not just fascinated by you, they are playing you. A con artist avoids revealing too much about themselves so they can get the most from you. So if someone keeps changing the subject when you inquire about his or her own life, run! 

5. Don't Be Desperate

A little bit of suspicion can go a long way. Being too desperate to meet new people that you miss important signs above is a critical misstep. Dr. Lillian Glass warns, "And watch your drinking, you have to be careful." Especially around incredibly beautiful people like Uma. 

Now that you're armed with this expert knowledge, you can spot an Imposter a mile away — or a least a couple questions in. Be sure to come back each week to learn more tricks of the Imposters trade, only on Bravo. 

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