Is Cameran Eubanks Ready to Have a Baby?

Is Cameran Eubanks Ready to Have a Baby?

The #SouthernCharm real estate agent enlisted some major help in making that decision.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Last season on Southern Charm, we found out that Cameran Eubanks wasn't really ready to take the plunge into motherhood. But now that she has settled into her marriage to husband Jason Wimberly a bit more, could the real estate agent start growing her family soon? "You'll have to wait and watch," Cameran teased during a recent interview with ET. 

However, Cameran isn't taking this decision lightly, as should be the case. “I go to therapy for it," she revealed, which we see a bit of in the supertease for Season 3 of Southern Charm, below.

But we won't see Cameran's hubby discussing that decision with her onscreen this season — or probably ever, for that matter. “It’s just kind of a non-negotiable for me. My husband, he has common sense, therefore he chooses to stay off reality television," Cameran told ET. “My relationship is very precious to me, so, I try to keep that private." 

That doesn't mean Jason doesn't watch Southern Charm, though. "He loves the show. He loves it," Cameran said. "He's really shy. It's not for him." 

Cameran's castmate Shepard "Shep" Rose gave us a bit more intel into what her man is really like. “He’s an awesome guy,” he told ET. “He’s a good listener. He’s the exact opposite of me.”

Get to know Cameran's hubby a bit more by flipping through the couple's wedding photos, below.

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