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Janet Caperna and Zack Wickham Have an Explosive Confrontation: "I Will Wreck You"

Zack angrily told Janet to "get the f-ck out of here" after tensions spilled over at Jax's Studio City. bar. 

By Jax Miller

A full-on war is happening in The Valleys Season 2 finale, involving former friends Janet Caperna and Zack Wickham.

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The cast of The Valley returned from their Big Bear Babymoon getaway, heading to Jax’s Studio City for a night of celebration, as seen in a preview clip for Season 1, Episode 12. But festivities were extinguished when Janet and Zack argued so hard about Zack’s diss-invitation that even the cool-headed Jason Caperna had to step in.

“Don’t ever f-cking talk to my wife like that,” said the husband while pointing a finger in Zack’s face.

Why are Janet Caperna and Zack Wickham fighting?

It began when Janet and Michelle Saniei Lally called Jasmine Goode over to sit with them, inquiring about Jasmine’s recent pottery session with Zack, which Jasmine posted to social media. It gave Janet the perfect opportunity to find out if Zack really had lurked in the shadows of the Big Bear trip, given his ominous four-word Instagram story.

Janet Caperna at the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse in New York City.

“He was trolling,” Jasmine confessed to the others.

“I don’t like that,” Janet responded.


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Elsewhere at the party, Nia Booko urged Zack to approach Janet about their issues, which included Zack (along with Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick) not making the guest list to Big Bear.

“Is she even going to be receptive to me doing that?” Zack wondered to Nia.

Janet told Jasmine she felt good since she “gave him a chance” to redeem himself and because she’d forgiven Zack for past discrepancies. Though Janet said they “tried to move forward,” she admitted their friendship hung in the balance.

“I don’t hate him, and I don’t want ill will for him, but I just don’t think we vibe,” Janet continued, just as Zack joined the group and asked permission to sit. Zack hoped Janet would be up for “a private conversation,” though Michelle and Janet insisted they air their grievances as a group.

Zack Wickham wearing a denim jacket outside.

Janet explained that, contrary to what Zack believed, she did not send Jax Taylor to Kristen’s T-shirt relaunch party to revoke his invitation. She denied sending the former Vanderpump Rules castmate to be her “messenger,” adding, “I don’t know why he delivered the news like that.”

Zack gave an incredulous smile just as Janet’s attorney husband came over and asked what was going on.

“I was planning on inviting you on that phone call, and then you got really aggressive,” Janet continued.

Janet was referring to a previous phone conversation with Zack as Janet’s friends Jared and Simon (the latter of whom was also at Jax’s Studio City) listened in. On speaker phone, Zack wondered why he wasn’t invited to the trip, saying it wasn’t a “logical thought process” that he be excluded.

Janet said Jared and Simon could back her claims that Zack was “aggressive” on the other line, to which Zack responded by taking a dig at the pink Croc-brand boots Simon wore to Kristen’s relaunch.

“I don’t care what Croc of sh-t boots heard,” Zack heatedly responded. “I literally could[n’t] give a sh-t less.”

Janet loudly announced, “Done,” as she got up to leave the conversation.

“Yeah, get the f-ck out of here,” Zack shouted. “You don’t want to actually talk. Go!”

That was when Jason got up from his seat and demanded Zack “don’t ever f-cking talk” to Janet that way again. Zack waved his hand and rolled his eyes, dismissing Janet as she walked away.

“You think I’m f-cking around?” Jason continued in his wife’s defense. “I will wreck you, dude.”

Fans will have to wait to see more in The Valleys season finale, airing Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at 9/8c on Bravo. The extended and uncensored version will stream the next day on Peacock.

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