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Zack Wickham Posts an Ominous 4-Word Instagram Story to Taunt The Valley Cast

Some said Zack played a "d-ck move" by taunting cast members at the event he was disinvited from.

By Jax Miller

Four little words had some of the group worked up in something The Valleys Jason Caperna called “a dick move” by Zack Wickham against his wife.

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In a recent teaser for Season 1, Episode 10 of The Valley, Jason called out Zack for posting an Instagram Story while most of the cast — minus Zack, Kristen Doute, and Luke Broderick — celebrated Janet Caperna’s Babymoon at Big Bear Lake, California.

The then-expectant and admittingly “exhausted” mother was visibly disturbed by the post, which led her to wonder if Zack — who was disinvited from the event – planned to “wreak havoc” on her Babymoon.

What did Zack Wickham post on Instagram?

One night earlier, Zack posted an Instagram Story showing a plain black screen with a geo-location tag reading “Big Bear Lake, California.”

“Like, hairs went up on the back of my neck,” Janet told producers. “I’m like, ‘Is he here?’ I’m wondering, like, ‘Is Kristen with him?’”

Zack Wickham wearing a purple suit on a lawn

As the guests woke at their cabin, Janet told the others that Zack just creating the post was a “sh-tty” move, to which Brittany Cartwright agreed. Jasmine Goode urged Janet not to let it ruin their good time and cited Zack’s intentions as “trolling.”


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“It doesn’t feel like a friendly thing, like, ‘Hey, I’m in Big Bear,’” Janet continued to producers.

She then made sounds mimicking the shower scene from the 1960 horror film Psycho, switching into a creepy voice and making stabbing motions when saying Zack’s post felt more like, “I’m in Big Bear.”

Michelle Saniei Lally explained to Janet that she and Jesse Lally believed it was a “mind f-ck” and that Zack was, in all probability, some 100 miles west, back in Los Angeles.

“I know, but he f-cked my mind,” Janet confessed. “I didn’t sleep at all last night.”

Was Zack really in Big Bear?

While the rest of the cast were out of town, Zack — who was NOT in Big Bear — went to Kristen’s apartment for a spa day.

“The spa day is almost like a day of …  Actually, it’s a sh-t-talking day, let’s be real,” Zack said in his confessional. “I’m not on this trip; she’s not on this trip. We’re just going to be focusing it on she who shall not be named.”

It was clear Zack was referring to Janet.

In case audiences need a refresher, in Episode 8, the Capernas sent Jax Taylor to Kristen’s James Mae T-shirt relaunch to deliver the news that neither Kristen nor Luke were invited to the Big Bear celebration. It wasn’t a huge surprise following the dramatic back-and-forth between Kristen and the others, but it was a little surprising when Jax told them that Zack, too, didn’t make the Capernas’ guest list.

In Episode 9, Nia Booko wondered if Zack was just “collateral damage” in the ongoing row between Janet and Kristen and suggested he was not invited by default. Others wondered if it was because he was single.

Regardless of Janet's motives, Zack broke down in tears when Jax delivered the bad news.

“Why the f-ck am I not invited?” Zack wondered. “I did nothing wrong.”

Kristen thought leaving Zack out was just Janet’s way of getting to Kristen. But Janet later agreed to “hear him out,” and, in Episode 9, she called Zack on the phone. Things, however, didn’t go down well, especially when Janet said Zack felt “entitled” to get a Babymoon invite.

While at their at-home spa day, Zack and Kristen touched on not being invited with the others, as seen in the recent teaser.

“I also love how Janet decided to tell Jax to come and tell us that we weren’t invited for Big Bear instead of, I don’t know, calling us,” Zack told Kristen.

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