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Jax Taylor Admits There Was Only One “Small Thing” That Made Him So Mad Over Tom Sandoval’s Affair

Jax Taylor admitted that ultimately, he has too much history with Tom Sandoval to stop being his friend forever, though.

By Jill Sederstrom

Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval are on the road to repairing their friendship. 

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But before the pair put their troubled past behind them, Jax admitted there was one “small thing” that had him furious at Sandoval last year during the fallout from Sandoval’s affair.

“I was angry about a small thing and, and that’s just because I felt bad for Tom Schwartz,” Jax said in a clip from Vanderpump Rules After Show of their mutual friend. “I just felt because there was the bar there and he was getting an influx of hate.” 

Sandoval made national headlines when his ongoing affair was exposed, ending his years-long relationship with live-in girlfriend Ariana Madix and stirring up public fury. 

What happened between Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval on Vanderpump Rules

After a feud that began years earlier, Jax and Sandoval sat down together for the first time on Vanderpump Rules. While Schwartz served as a neutral party, Jax didn’t shy away from dishing out some shade.

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“I saw a picture of you on social media a couple weeks ago and I’m like holy f-ck, this guy looks like he’s 50 years old,” Jax told Sandoval, before adding, “The whole world has talked sh-t about you.” 

Jax — who is no stranger to his own cheating scandals over the years — pointed out the parallels to his own past. 

Split of Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor at a restaurant in West Hollywood

“You’re me, seven years ago,” he said.

“I’m not exactly you,” Sandoval rebutted.

“Yeah, you are me, if not worse,” Jax said. 

Sandoval admitted on the After Show that the confrontation was “not great” and he was “not stoked about” seeing Jax at the bar that night.

“I will say knowing Jax, I knew I would have to put up with that once and then afterwards it would be a lot better hanging out with him,” he said. 

Why was Jax Taylor mad at Tom Sandoval over his affair?

Jax gave more insight into his mindset on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, saying he had been upset at the time because Sandoval headed out of town during the scandal to leave Schwartz to manage the fallout at their bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s, alone.

“I know Tom [Sandoval] had to deal with it in his own way. Now that I look back on it, his way of dealing with it was to escape and go travel and go … be in his band. At the time, I’m looking at it like how can you leave your friend like this?” he said. “He’s going through hell because of something you did and you know, he’s got his own family issues, you know, back home and now’s he got to deal with the bar and then he’s got to deal with Katie [Maloneyand he’s got to deal with people coming at his restaurant and throwing graffiti everywhere.”

A split featuring Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules.

Sandoval admitted that it “definitely appeared that way” from the outside, but said that wasn’t necessarily how it was.

“I had booked shows already like way in advance,” he explained in the clip of his decision to hit the road. “It does suck. I know what I did. It was really bad and I do feel bad about it.” 

Schwartz wasn’t the only one to suffer from the fallout from the affair.

“I obviously hurt people and it was very, like, traumatic to some people for sure to see how something like this could happen. It’s nice to see that some good can come out of it … It’s nice to see that Ariana is thriving,” he said while referencing his ex’s success in the aftermath. 

“ I think that helps with the whole situation,” he added. 

While Jax may have been mad about the ramifications the affair had for Schwartz, he said he wasn’t “going to throw away a relationship” with Sandoval over it.

“At my point in my life, I don’t really believe in holding grudges. I don’t really think there’s a reason for it. It takes a lot more to be angry at somebody and like I said it’s not worth it,” he said of his friendship with Sandoval today. “He’s been my friend a lot longer than he’s not been my friend, you know what I’m saying? And we have a lot of history just to throw it all away over something that I’ve done too.” 

Jax is making his way back to Bravo on the new series The Valley, which will follow him, wife Brittany Cartwright and four other couples as they try to navigate life in the suburbs. The series premieres Tuesday, March 19 on Bravo. 

To catch up on all the latest drama, tune in to Vanderpump Rules on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo or available streaming on Peacock the next day.

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