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Jeff Lewis on Custody Battle with Gage Edward: "I'm Co-Parenting My Child with a Child"

The former Flipping Out couple's post-split relationship has fallen apart.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Here Are the Highs and Lows of Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward's Relationship

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward's custody battle over daughter Monroe has taken a turn for the worse.

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The Flipping Out exes were due in court on October 3 to determine a permanent custody agreement for Monroe, who turns 3 later this month, after coming to a temporary custody agreement in August. However, a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE that Jeff and Gage cancelled a private mediation before a judge in an effort to work things out privately with lawyers.

Jeff opened up about the difficulties of co-parenting with Gage during his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live on Tuesday, October 8. “I have begged him to try to work this out together, but what happens is, sometimes, in all honesty, I feel like I’m co-parenting my child with a child,” Jeff said, as reported by PEOPLE. “On Sunday, I literally put my face in my hands and thought, ‘This guy is going to torture me for the rest of my life. I’m a prisoner.’”

Jeff said that he believes that splitting custody "50/50 was not the best for [Monroe].” “For her best interest, I have been fighting for the majority of the custody,” he said. “I have the house, I have the infrastructure, I have the playroom, the pool, I’ve got the backyard. I’ve got the nanny, the housekeeper, and everything. Plus, all of her classes and her school are within two miles of my house.”

Things had actually been going very smoothly for Jeff and Gage after they reached their temporary custody agreement. “We were getting along great after the temporary schedule was in place,” Jeff said. “We had a great week, we started really deeply talking about, ‘What does a permanent custody schedule look like?’ Holidays, the whole thing.”

But Jeff said that “everything we discussed was changed" just days later. “I think what happens is he goes and he consults someone. And I don’t know if it’s his boyfriend, or a good friend or whatever. But suddenly, everything he has talked about is off the table," Jeff claimed. "I get this email from him that says, ‘None of this works. I think the attorney should handle it.’"

All of this has caused Jeff to rethink how he approaches custody matters with Gage moving forward. “I have been very communicative and very open. That’s going to shift now,” Jeff shared. “I’m going to stonewall it. If this is the way he’s going to play it, there will be no more communication. … I want limited contact [with Gage]. I want a legal schedule. I’m done. I’m f--king done.”

Monroe's expulsion from her preschool in September after Jeff made negative comments about the school on his radio show put more strain on their already tenuous relationship. Jeff said on his radio show last month that Gage "lost his s--t" after he found out about Monroe's expulsion. "Gage was really, really upset and he did yell at me and he did say some things that he probably regrets now," Jeff said.

It was only a few weeks ago when Jeff showed genuine remorse for how his 10-year relationship ended with Gage at the beginning of this year. “I regret very much how I handled things with Gage the first two months of our breakup,” he said on Jeff Lewis Live on September 18. “I said very hurtful things, I said very damaging things, and it is one of my biggest regrets.”

He also remarked how he and Gage have been able to repair some of their relationship through co-parenting Monroe. “In some ways, I’m glad we co-parent because it’s forced us to rebuild our friendship,” Jeff shared. “But the way I’ve worked with him, it is a big regret of mine.”

Look back on Jeff and Gage's relationship, above.

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