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Jeff Lewis Said "Very Damaging Things" to Gage Edward During Their Breakup

"It is one of my biggest regrets," the Flipping Out designer said.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Here Are the Highs and Lows of Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward's Relationship

The recent expulsion of daughter Monroe from preschool has had Jeff Lewis reflecting a lot on his past behavior. Not only does the Flipping Out designer wish he hadn't spoken about his daughter's school on the radio, which ultimately resulted in her being asked to leave the institution, but he recently shared that he regrets how things went down with his ex Gage Edward.

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Jeff shared during the September 18 episode of his Radio Andy show that he wishes he could take back some of the things he said to Gage as their relationship of 10 years came to an end in January. “I regret very much how I handled things with Gage the first two months of our breakup,” he said on Jeff Lewis Live, as reported by PEOPLE. “I said very hurtful things, I said very damaging things, and it is one of my biggest regrets.”

However, Jeff and Gage will always be together in a sense as they raise Monroe, who turns 3 in October. “In some ways, I’m glad we co-parent because it’s forced us to rebuild our friendship,” Jeff shared. “But the way I’ve worked with him, it is a big regret of mine.”

Jeff and Gage's relationship has been a roller coaster since they decided to call it quits. The exes were able to keep things mostly amicable, still seeming like "a happy family" with their daughter. But they started to run into some challenges with their co-parenting arrangement and visitation schedule.

Though Jeff and Gage had long hoped to work things out on their own without the input of attorneys, they ultimately decided that they needed to come to a more formal, legal custody arrangement as things took a "really ugly" turn in June.

The former couple reached a temporary custody agreement in August. They are set to appear in court before a private judge on October 3 to determine a permanent agreement. Both Jeff and Gage are seeking joint legal and physical custody.

Their post-breakup relationship once again took a hit after Monroe was expelled from preschool with Gage losing "his s--t," according to Jeff. “Gage was really, really upset and he did yell at me and he did say some things that he probably regrets now," Jeff said of their phone call during the September 17 episode of his radio show. “I said, ‘I think this is all for the best’ … and then he hung up on me.”

Jeff then continued the conversation via text message. “I wrote, ‘Gage this is happening for you, not to you,’ and he wrote, ‘F--k off,’ in caps,” Jeff claimed. “I said, ‘I never liked that school anyway.’ He said, ‘You are so delusional. You are trying to justify your actions.'”

Jeff and Gage both began dating other people shortly after they decided to call it quits. Jeff's first relationship since Gage ended not long after it began in March after he spoke about his new man on his radio show. He then began dating Scott Anderson whom he has been seeing for about five months. Jeff said he was "stepping back" from his relationship with Scott as his custody battle with Gage intensified in late June.

Jeff opened up about a stressful time with Scott on his radio show earlier this month when his new boyfriend was "ready to pull the plug" after the two weren't seeing eye-to-eye on everything. But Jeff assured his listeners that they had not broken up. "That scared me a bit because when you're committed, you're in it and you work s--t out. But then I realized he could've just been mad at me for 24 hours because then he came back. He kind of came back around," Jeff said. "So I think what I'm getting about him — because we've only had one fight, we've only had one fight — is that he needs 24 hours to be pissed at me." 

Photo: Jeff Lewis/Instagram

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