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Jeff Lewis Opens up About the Future of His Relationship with Gage Edward

The Flipping Out designer just extended an olive branch to his ex amid their custody drama.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Here Are the Highs and Lows of Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward's Relationship

Jeff Lewis is ready to bury the hatchet with ex-partner Gage Edward.

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After reflecting on his drinking in the November 26 episode of his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live, the Flipping Out designer opened up about more of his regrets. "I told you today if I could turn back the clock two years, I would do things very differently than I did," Jeff shared. "And I disrespected my ex, and I disrespected my relationship, and he disrespected me in the relationship. We did irreparable damage. But if I could, I would redo it."

Jeff went on to say that he hopes to have a better relationship with Gage in the future. "I hope we have a friendship. I would like to have a friendship with Gage," he said. "And that's what I'm putting out there."

Earlier in the show, Jeff admitted that has has "been leaning on alcohol" over the past two years, which has been filled with the end of personal and professional relationships and a contentious custody battle with Gage. “Last night, I made a commitment to myself that I was gonna go one night without having a drink, and I didn’t do that. And now today I’m beating myself up with guilt," he said. "I feel like especially over everything that's happened over the last 24 months, I am leaning a little bit on alcohol because it numbs the pain, it helps me with my stress, it helps me relax, and it's become a routine, frankly." 

Now Jeff said that he is in the process of "reframing" his life. "In some ways, it's been the worst two years, it has been, the worst two years of my life, but also it's been a great two years of my life because it got turned upside down, I'm restructuring everything," Jeff said. "You and I were talking about letting go of people in our lives that maybe don't support us or don't want the best for us or maybe are even toxic to us."

Jeff's attitude toward Gage, with whom he split in January after 10 years together, seems to have changed dramatically since he spoke about his ex on his radio show in October after the two were approaching a custody agreement for daughter Monroe, who turned 3 last month. “I’m anxious to try the new schedule and see how that works. We had, I thought, a direct line of communication about what she had for lunch and how long did she sleep, and how is she doing. And [after the conversation], I said, I no longer want to communicate with you," he said in the October 10 episode of Jeff Lewis Live. “I want to raise my child as I see fit when she’s with me, and you can raise her how you see fit when she’s with you. I don’t need to know anything. You don’t need to know anything.”

That came shortly after Jeff opened up about the difficulties of co-parenting with Gage on his radio show on October 8. “I have begged him to try to work this out together, but what happens is, sometimes, in all honesty, I feel like I’m co-parenting my child with a child,” Jeff said. “On Sunday, I literally put my face in my hands and thought, ‘This guy is going to torture me for the rest of my life. I’m a prisoner.’”

Gage addressed Jeff's claims amid their custody battle in a statement to PEOPLE on October 9: “In the interest of my daughter, I continue to have no comment on the matter."

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