Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chavez's Upcoming Conflict Will Tear You Apart

Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chavez's Upcoming Conflict Will Tear You Apart

Prepare for "a real tearjerker" of an episode, #FlippingOut fans. 

By Laura Rosenfeld

Zoila Chavez has been right by Jeff Lewis' side even before Flipping Out began. And for the past 10 seasons, we've seen her help keep the household under control, be a confidant to the Flipping Out designer, and also get involved in some major drama with the crew. 

That last point is exactly what we'll see from Zoila in Thursday night's all-new episode of Flipping Out at 9/8c. As Jeff tries to get to the bottom of why his latest nanny bit the dust, he'll learn that Zoila may have had something to do with it, which could drive her to quit once and for all, as a preview on Monday night's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen teased.

Not only is this major blow-up tearing Andy Cohen apart, as he said on WWHL, but it has also put Flipping Out executive assistant Jenni Pulos in a tough spot. "Yeah, I have been in the middle. I've never had an issue with Zoila. She was in my wedding. I know her relationship with Jeff. They are mother and son, you know? And so it's really difficult," Jenni reacted to the intense preview on WWHL (clip above). "That being said, I think all of this was probably brewing for a long time, and they both looked the other way, and so it came to a head." 

Andy also warned that we should all expect Thursday night's episode to be "a real tearjerker."

Zoila isn't the only person with whom Jeff will experience some tension in the next episode of Flipping Out. Catch a sneak peek of the conflict to come, below.

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