Kim Zolciak Calls Tracy "Fame Obsessed"

Kim Zolciak Calls Tracy "Fame Obsessed"

Sounds like DJ Tracy Young won't be spinning Kim's records anytime soon.

By Andrew Herrmann

Things appeared to be at the very least cordial between Kim Zolciak and DJ Tracy Young during Episode 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kim even went so far as to bring Tracy along for moral support to her vocal lesson with Jan Smith (evidence below)!

However in Kim's most recent blog entry, she paints a very different picture of Tracy. It would seem that some serious bad blood has developed between the two since then. Kim had some strong words for her:

Let me just get right to Episode 10. Yes, Tracy was there. If I knew then what I know now, she wouldn't have been. At the time I never thought I would come to see her as a liar, and a fame obsessed coat tail rider. But one thing I've realized about backstabbers -- they're only powerful when your back is turned. That chapter of my life is done with!

Yikes! That relationship really spun out of control. The good news is that Kim has fully moved on and is in a great place right now, "I'm happy with EVERYTHING I have now, but sometimes you have to go through bad times to finally reach the good." Looks like Kroy and the new baby have helped Kim to "fly above" all the drama.

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