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Half of The Valley Cast Decides Kristen Is “Not Invited” to Events Anymore: “We All Agree ... ”

One cast member said it was "us or Kristen" following Kristen's bombshell revelations on The Valley Season 1, Episode 6.

By Jax Miller

Some cast members on The Valley are making a conscious choice to ice Kristen Doute out of the group, as seen in a preview for Season 1, Episode 7.

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The decision comes following the explosive Episode 6 dinner when the Vanderpump Rules alum and her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, went head-to-head with the now-estranged Jesse Lally and Michelle Saniei Lally. Things even became physical when the argument spilled into the hallway, where Kristen accused Jesse of stating he wanted to divorce his wife, the result of an inaccurate game of telephone.

“Kristen has ruined enough meals for me and, like, I’m hungry,” expectant mother Janet Caperna said in the Episode 7 clip. “I wanna get through this one. I wanna eat.”

Is everyone still mad at Kristen Doute on The Valley?

In light of the blowup, which resulted in Kristen and Luke leaving, Jesse told the rest of the group he was done with Kristen.

“Can we all agree that Kristen doesn’t actually need to be part of this group anymore?” he asked.

Michelle, who — with Jesse — confirmed their split after nearly six years of marriage during the series' premiere party, was on board with the idea of Kristen living her life outside their social circle.

“I think our stance is, if we’re doing a group event, it’s us or Kristen at the group event,” Michelle told the others.

Janet also agreed to leave Kristen out in the cold.

“So, for me, personally, she’s not invited to my sh-t,” she stated.

A breakdown of the Kristen and Michelle rumors

In case you missed it, throughout Season 1, Kristen vowed to “protect” Michelle’s secrets, even sending texts that the secret was safe with her. During the shocking Episode 6 drama, Kristen finally revealed on her way out that Michelle “had a f-cking boyfriend for a year.”

A split of Kristen Doute and Michelle Lally.

The bombshell allegation, however, went unheard by the rest of the cast.

Back at dinner, the group assumed Kristen’s dirt on Michelle pertained to previous accusations that Jesse told longtime friend, Jax Taylor, that he wanted to divorce Michelle within two months, but that wasn’t precisely what Jax said.

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Instead, Jesse said he would be surprised if Michelle didn’t divorce him within the next couple of months.

“Should I just say something just so I get involved? ‘I did it,’ or ‘Yell at me,’ or something, because I just feel like I’m left out,” Jax told producers. “I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not involved in the conversation. It’s really weird.”

Compounding the mixup, Janet and Jasmine Goode were under the belief that the rumors surrounding Michelle stemmed from Kristen allegedly telling Jax that Michelle was texting someone outside her marriage.

“I know deep down inside, Jesse is catching on; ‘OK, wait. Maybe there’s some truth to what’s going on here,’” Jasmine said in her confessional. “I think that’s why he’s getting so worked up.’”

Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally sitting on a grass lawn together

The jumbled game of telephone confused some of the cast members, including Brittany Cartwright.

“I don’t know what the heck is happening,” Brittany admitted.

Has Michelle Lally confirmed the rumors?

Michelle continues to deny that Kristen has any information that could possibly paint Michelle in a negative light. Not unlike earlier times when Michelle credited Kristen for bringing her and Jesse together “in a twisted way,” Jesse also cited Kristen when he and Michelle shared smoothies the morning after the dinner, as seen in the Episode 7 clip.

“I think what it’s actually doing is bringing us closer together, ’cause we’re sticking up for each other all the time,” Jesse told Michelle, still under the impression that Kristen’s revelations were related to the false rumors of Jesse telling Jax that he was the one who wanted a divorce.

Jesse also said it was “sad” that Kristen was “becoming pathological in her lying.”

At the end of their conversation, Jesse said it would be “Team Michelle and Jesse” all the way.

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