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Kyle Richards Reveals What It's Like to Hang Out with the Other Real Housewives OGs

The RHOBH cast member opens up about sharing her life with the world and her relationship with Andy Cohen.

By Jocelyn Vena
Kyle Richards Housewife Conversations

Time flies when you're having fun, wearing designer clothes, and sometimes deep in some drama. And no one knows that better than Kyle Richards, who has been a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Season 1.

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Kyle has been sharing the ups and downs of her life and friendships since the series launched in 2010. You could say she's pretty much seen and experienced it all. When Kyle recently spoke to Bravo Insider, she explained how the experience has evolved for her over the course of 11 seasons.

"It’s definitely changed for me over the years. I think I worry less and less about how people perceive me or being judged. It’s just like it is what it is. Even my sister Kathy [Hilton] is like, 'Oh, you used to be so nervous about this and that,'" Kyle said. "I don’t even think twice about anything anymore. It’s like I’ve already had every bad thing said about me. Mean people come at me on Twitter and, of course, there’s so much nice stuff, too, and support, too. So, you know, I just roll with it."

Kyle has been famous for her entire life, even before The Real Housewives came calling. She was a child star who was only 5 when she started out in Hollywood. She's amassed some well-known roles in series like Little House on the Prairie and movies like Halloween.

Sisters Kim Richards and Kathy have also been acting and modeling since they were kids. "We’ve been doing this our entire lives, and I will say, after being on Housewives all these years, people are — while you may get some mean comments on Twitter — people are always so kind when they come up. And the first thing they will say [is,] 'Can I give you a hug?' And, they’ll put in their two cents about my relationship with my sister or this and that. I don’t feel like I’m judged when I’m out," Kyle said.

Kyle is currently the only original RHOBH cast member on the series, and she noted, "To me, the show is personal. We started the show out together, [and] the crew has watched my children grow up. They’ve gone through so much with me. I’ve always been very proud of it, and I’m very invested."

Kyle Richards Housewife Conversations 01

The Real Housewives experience has been unique for Kyle. Not only has she taken fans home to meet her husband, Mauricio Umansky, and their daughters, but she's also gotten to put her relationships with Kim and Kathy on the show (Kim has been a cast member in the past, including in Season 1, and made cameos after her exit, and Kathy joined Season 11 as a friend after making cameos over the years).

"Andy Cohen said that. He’s like, 'You’re in the rare position. You’ve got two of your sisters on the Housewives, and with them comes their kids that we’ve seen.' So, you have seen the majority of my family and my four kids, Kim’s four kids, Kathy’s kids. So it is a unique situation, and I’m happy that my sister Kathy and I are in such a good place now that this was able to work out for us to do this together," Kyle said. "I’m happy that people are seeing this side of my sister [Kathy]; not just the public persona [and] who they think she is. She’s just, she’s really funny. She’s intentionally funny and not intentionally funny. That’s when she really makes you laugh, when she doesn’t know she’s being funny. She’s not even thinking, or when she’s pleading to people, to strangers, to please tell her sister Kyle to call her, she’s trying to reach her about something. I’m like, 'Can you not use Twitter as an answering service?'"

Kyle recently got the chance to exchange notes with OGs from other Real Housewives franchises when they all went on vacation together for a series set to stream on Peacock. Kyle said, "The ones who go through this mash-up show with the other franchises, it was sort of interesting to see all of their takes on it. So that was really interesting for me to see."

In fact, Kyle is so OG that she was one of the hosts of Andy's epic 2019 baby shower, which was attended by 'Wives from across the franchises. She spoke more about what her relationship is like with The Real Housewives executive producer and Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host. "Obviously, there’s a closeness just because of time and what we’ve shared over the years, and that’s inevitable. But, you know, it’s nice. It’s a nice relationship to have, after this many years and to still be like, 'Oh, you know, I care about these people [laughs],'" she said.

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