Two Chefs with a Past Go Head-to-Head in Last Chance Kitchen

Two Chefs with a Past Go Head-to-Head in Last Chance Kitchen

It's a mad dash to the pantry on this week's episode.

By John Brandi

In this week's episode of Last Chance Kitchen, the competition continues to heat up as some drama from the past threatens to boil over. Recently-eliminated chef Emily Hahn faces off against returning chef Jamie Lynch, who was eliminated back in Episode 7 over the pirate-themed party challenge, after he forfeited his immunity to spare Emily, his fellow teammate. As the two chefs face off, we can't help but wonder, will there be any hard feelings?

Emily and Jamie are tasked with grabbing all they can carry from the pantry in a very short amount of time, ensuring that this will be a tough challenge. As if the time crunch wasn't pressure enough, Emily starts to second guess herself during the competition, turning her tomato gazpacho dreams into an heirloom tomato salad instead.

Meanwhile, Jamie forgets salt and oil, but manages to pull off a similar heirloom tomato salad, adding watermelon to sweeten his dish.

Who will Tom declare this week's champion, giving them another chance at the Top Chef title? Watch now to find out!

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